Five Best Ways to Take Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone. It affects their appearance and is responsible for sexual productivity. It affects sperm production and levels of libido in men. When the quantity of testosterone in an individual’s body drops below 300 ng/dL, it is considered low.

In men, the average quantity of testosterone ranges from 300 to 1,000 ng/dL. The moderate amounts are essential as their overall health depends on them. It controls sperm production and sex drive and allows calcium absorption from blood into the bones.

Ways to deliver testosterone:

Once a man is diagnosed with low levels of testosterone, different ways of treatment are available. These methods include:

  1. Delivery through gels

In this method, testosterone is delivered by applying the gel. Gels are used once a day, and the hormones get absorbed into the body after application. Examples include Testim.

You can also apply the gel inside the nose. The example includes Natesto. After application, it gets delivered via the nasal cavity and gets absorbed into the body.

  1. Delivery through a skin patch

A skin patch containing an appropriate amount of testosterone is worn on the arm once throughout the day. This type of delivery is termed transdermal. In this method, the active compound is being delivered by absorption through the skin.

  1. Delivery through injections

Patients can also get testosterone delivered by injections. Injections are administered through muscles where the hormone enters the bloodstream.

  1. Delivery through the mouth

Just like a skin patch, a mouth patch is also available. This patch is like a pill that can stick to the upper portion of the mouth. This tablet allows slow absorption of testosterone into the body.

  1. Delivery through implantation

Apart from injections, testosterone can also be implanted. A pellet containing hormones is embedded inside the body. It slowly dissolves, and the hormone enters the blood.

Elite Hrt offers to deliver testosterone:

A person who is facing low testosterone levels should consult their physician for help. Physicians would prefer the most suitable administration method. However, to buy testosterone, a person can do that online.

Elite Hrt offers the service of delivering testosterone to your doorstep. They ask you to fill out a form, take a blood test, assigning a physical examination, and then starting your therapy program.

Benefits of testosterone therapy:

Once a person receives testosterone replacement therapy, they report a higher libido and strength in their body. It also alters their mood. Every individual is different, so the effects they experience regarding therapy would also vary accordingly.

Testosterone therapy Vs. Steroids:

Many people get confused between steroids and testosterone replacement therapy. Athletes take an increased amount of testosterone. It helps them in building their muscle and overall strength. These higher doses are harmful to health. It can lead to many complications.

However, testosterone replacement therapy controls doses in lower quantities to increase the blood’s decreased hormone levels. It is a treatment for hypogonadism, a disease that affects the overall health of a male patient.


Testosterone being the male hormone, is responsible for their sexual productivity and entire health. If the quantity is below 300 ng/dL, it must be administered as prescribed by the physician.

Different delivery methods are possible, like through skin, through gels, through injections, through the oral route, and by implanting pellets. Elite Hrt allows a person to buy testosterone online. It asks them to fill queries related to health to assist the patients. Then after the completion of their protocols, it gets delivered.

Once a person receives it, he can see visible changes in mood, strength, and sex drive. This therapy is used to treat low levels of testosterone and is not like steroidal therapy.

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