FOMO Models Ranked #1 Fast Fashion Supplier

Fomo Models, the model management created by Robert Wilson, is the number 1 supplier of models to fast-fashion brands.

Since the pandemic, all international modelling has ground to halt, but  FOMO Models has never been busier with their strong board of commercial and social influencer talent.

Robert Wilson said, “when I started FOMO Models I made a conscience decision not to compete against the high-end model agencies that booked designer campaigns. Instead, I focused my energy on discovering commercial models that would work every day for online brands like Boohoo, ASOS and Next Directory” 

Online modelling is the stepping stone to becoming a social influencer. Models who book campaigns only work a few times a year, which means online shoppers don’t tend to remember their faces. However, models who are in-and-out of studios daily have the opportunity to capture engaging content and increase their followers. These followers are potential customers for brands.

“Most of our eCommerce models were already working alongside the social teams of the brands they were modelling for, but it all really exploded when the pandemic hit because studio shoots were almost band which meant they only way retailers could continue to advertise was through social media”.  Says Robert Wilson 

FOMO Models has worked with Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Versace, D&G and Armani but it’s the work they do with fast fashion brands and social media they are most excited by. 

Robert Wilson concludes…

Most high-end fashion brands are stuck in the past in terms of casting and advertising, but the retailers that target the everyday man are much more forward-thinking.



Written by Alexander Maxwell

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Maxwell Digitals, based in California.

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