For Jay Kinder, Business Should Add Value To People’s Lives

People want to know that the services they use will enhance their lives in a positive way. Jay Kinder believes that, by keeping these principles in mind, you can create value, leaving a lasting impression. This is his goal as he coaches real estate agents to build their business and become the top 1% in the industry.

After investing in coaching and training from some of the top real estate agents in the country, Jay spent years filtering through what did and didn’t work when setting his business apart. It wasn’t until he met his mentor from outside the real estate industry that things really started to click.

Jay learned how to build his brand, generate and convert leads, and leverage technology. He became more efficient and learned to stand out from the competition. By 28 years old, Jay was the #2 selling agent in the world for Coldwell Banker, selling 531 homes that year. 

During this time of growth and success, Jay reconnected with a friend from college who was interested in getting into real estate. After spending a few hours listening to Jay’s methods, his friend immediately quit his job and saw success like no one had before.

He grew his business to over $1.2 million in commission in only three years, a milestone it had taken Jay six years to accomplish. His success sparked an idea for a coaching company. “We felt like if a couple of college dropouts could do it – anybody could do it and NOBODY was teaching agents how to truly build a business,” says Jay Kinder.

Their company Kinder Reese Coaching is now the National Association of Expert Advisors and members earn a certificate that sets them apart from other sellers. Jay has also created his publicly traded brokerage eXp Realty, the profit sharing group that allows them to share in the revenue of their agents.

“Our philosophy is and always has been to add value to agents’ lives and through eXp’s platform we are able to provide coaching, training, leadership, and lead generation to accelerate agents’ success,” says Jay Kinder.

Jay is constantly keeping his agents’ best interests in mind. He is looking to add lead generation for all agents that partner with him to set them up for the best success possible.

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