Former Mr. Universe Dr. Chris Zaino Reveals How Regenerative Medicine Helps Build Champions

While plenty of hubbub and headlines are made about the annual Miss Universe contest, the public is slightly less acquainted with its men’s bodybuilding counterpart, Mr. Universe, that carries all the same prestige.

While the competition’s storied stage has been graced by household names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steven Reves, 2016’s Mr. Universe stands out for a completely unique reason: his expertise on regenerative medicine. Meet Dr. Chris Zaino, the worldwide bodybuilding champion using his platform to spread the world on the positive potentials of his beloved treatments.

Having achieved plenty of success in his early life, including winning the title of Mr. America in the late 90’s and building up one of the most visited chiropractic clinics in the United States, Zaino had plenty to be grateful for at the onset of the new millennia.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Zaino contracted ulcerative colitis, a harrowing and incurable autoimmune disease seemingly without a cure. Descending into his self-professed “decade of darkness,” Zaino was plagued with health issues ranging from depression, brain fog, fatigue and a diminished sex drive, all while only in his mid-thirties.

But everything changed when Zaino discovered the power of regenerative medicine, an elite form of treatment widely used by the world’s premier athletes and billionaires. Specifically targeting Zaino’s low chemistry and unbalanced hormones, regenerative medicine supercharged Zaino back to peak performance even above that of his 20’s. Bolstered by this cure, Zaino came out of his decade of darkness born anew and managed to win the title of Mr. Universe in 2016 – nearly twenty years after he won the title of Mr. America.

Now, Zaino uses his own journey to share the wonders of regenerative medicine with struggling men across the world, encouraging them to seek treatment in his own Cancun-based clinic, RegenerAge, that he founded with renowned doctors Dr. Joel I. Osorio and Dr. Kristoffer T. Chaffin. As living proof of the full 180° the revolutionary therapy regenerative medicine can provide, Dr. Chris Zaino leads by example on how men can prosper beyond the conventional confines of age, with a little extra help from RegenerAge along the way.

To get started with RegenerAge, visit Dr. Zaino’s Instagram and check out RegenerAge’s Instagram and website for more on how to reach your full potential with regenerative medicine.

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