Former Pastor Christian Santiago Combines High-Performance Coaching to Bring Christian Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

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Founder Christian Santiago is passionate about everything he does and tends to operate on a higher plane of energy than those around him. He’s a faith-driven entrepreneur that’s “obsessed,” in his own words, with helping others find their path and enjoy success while always keeping their faith front and center in all of their business dealings. These are the basis of his offerings at The Greatness Institute.

The Christian entrepreneur is becoming well-known in the spheres of high-performance coaching and leadership mentorship in Greenville, South Carolina, and beyond. 

He has written three successful books, including Born To Rule: Reclaiming Your God-Given Birthright To Rule On Earth, ghostwritten for executives of multi-million-dollar firms, produced four blockbuster e-courses, and leads ongoing coaching with clients whose combined net worth totals over $369 million.

The high performance coaching and culture specialist always saw himself as destined to lead others —  without sacrificing his faith and beliefs. He sincerely believes that leadership is not akin to dominance over others or ruthlessness but can be achieved by committing your life to serve others and setting a shining example for his peers to follow. 

Santiago is thankful for his excellent family upbringing in Orlando with his mother, father, and siblings. He says that he always felt like an old soul, in touch with grown-up emotions and motivations even as a student. He was guided by his faith to believe that we are never stuck in our situations or predicaments and that we can always find the power to persevere, pull through, and, especially, to prosper.

“If people awaken to who they really are and what they have inside of them, they can always shift every area of their life for the better,” he said. 

Nothing is Permanent

Though the Christian entrepreneur knows that everyone faces dire challenges that can overwhelm them, he does believe that we are more powerful than we realize and that we’re just one breakthrough away changing our entire lives. 

“No one is stuck in the situation they are in. Each of us can experience a breakthrough in a moment that changes everything. In my coaching sessions, most clients experience at least one ‘aha’ moment every time we meet,” he said. 

Among the subject matter that might be touched on in the private sessions are: the power of identity, how to elevate your influence, and the steps required to become a high performer in your space. The sessions are equally insightful and empowering. Most of his clients report leaving the appointments not feeling like they received answers from Santiago —  but that he helped them to access the answers they already had inside of them the entire time. 

His Entrepreneurial Journey

His ability to give 72 high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives clarity sessions in a two-month period are what first gained him widespread recognition in the community of Christian entrepreneurs and faith-led business coaches.

His expertise spans over: 6 High-Performance Habits, 8 Biblical Pillars of Rapid Transformation, and 6 Keys of the Kingdom help learners become their most-powerful self in a rapid pace, break every internal limiting factor so they can do the impossible and embrace the idea that Christianity and entrepreneurship are not mutually exclusive.

In fact, he believes these two ideas are the twin keys to unlocking professional and personal transformation. 

Along with his private business mentoring and high-performance coaching, Santiago also has groundbreaking e-courses that are the basis of  The Greatness Institute, Santiago’s virtual learning center designed around theories of high-performance coaching and culture. 

Who Can Benefit and How?

Santiago works with faith-led professionals across various industries and positions, specializing in working with leaders: CEOs, CFOs, and founders are among his client roster. He recommends The Greatness Institute for business people that feel burnt out or as if they have lost their edge. 

He assists clients in finding clearer paths, provides clarity, and teaches them how to operate at a high frequency without sacrificing their beliefs, faith, or values.  

As a faith-driven founder and thought leader, Santiago knows that he is only a true success if he can help others. And, the more people he can profoundly and positively help, the more of a success he is. All the rest of it: money, awards, and his public profile are simply signs that he is positively impacting the world around him. 

About Christian Santiago

Christian Santiago is Greenville’s #1 high-performance coach, who founded his company, The Greatness Institute, where he serves as a coaching and culture specialist for Christian entrepreneurs, high-end executives, high net worth investors, and 9-figure companies.

Santiago strongly believes in showing people what they’re really capable of doing, as no person or organization is ever stuck or powerless to change the situation they are in. To become the best leader you can be, go to:

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