Founder of Freedom Capital, Pip Dhaliwal, Provides Solution to Hindrances of the Mortgage Market

Strict approval processes and uncompromising bank mortgage lenders make the task of obtaining a loan both complex and inaccessible. The mortgage market in Canada can be challenging and stressful to navigate for borrowers without a perfect lending history or consistent income.

Typically, banks tend to cater to fully employed clientele while only looking at numbers such as credit scores and financial history. Investors and entrepreneurs who do not fit into today’s conventional financing box can struggle to borrow money through traditional lending practices.

Pip Dhaliwal was working as a mortgage officer at a standard bank when he watched one frustrated client after another face rejection when trying to obtain financing. When Pip noticed the unreasonable practices within the mortgage market, he saw a desperate need for alternative solutions for Canadian borrowers.

Pip wanted to make more diverse financial options available for investors and entrepreneurs who do not have immaculate credit. The Canadian mortgage market was severely lacking when it came to alternative and commercial lending.

To provide a solution to the hindrances of the mortgage market, Pip founded Freedom Capital, the only brokerage in Canada licensed nationally that is dedicated solely to the alternative and commercial mortgage market. Freedom Capital takes a creative approach to providing alternative financing to their clients in order to make the mortgage market more accessible and easier to navigate.

Freedom Capital’s Solution

Freedom Capital takes a unique approach to the mortgage market. Rather than looking at a client’s credit score and financial history, the Canadian brokerage uses an approach that involves getting to know the client’s situation as a whole.

“Our most significant strength is seeing clients not as a number, but as motivated entrepreneurs with goals—people who may have suffered setbacks in their personal or business careers and simply need an advocate in their corner,” stated Pip, the founder of the company.

We want our clients to know that they have an ally in Freedom Capital. The financing process should be quick and painless, and we work hard to ensure our client has a stress-free experience throughout the whole process.

Currently, Freedom Capital has access to the largest pools of alternative funds nationwide. The Freedom Capital team is made up of genuine specialists with over twenty years of experience in the alternative and commercial financing industry. Not only does Freedom Capital work to provide fast and easy access to funds for their clients, but they also educate their clients on the ins and outs of the mortgage market so they can avoid hidden fees and lengthy-term agreements.

By founding Freedom Capital, Pip Dhaliwal has succeeded in providing an alternative creative solution for individuals who face challenges with traditional lending practices. With their innovative approach, the company is able to lend money to clients based on equity rather than a credit score or net income.

Freedom Capital makes accessing funds simple and straightforward while requiring minimal paperwork from the client. No credit score is required for approval, and clients can receive an approval within 24 hours.

For more information about Freedom Capital, visit here.

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