Founder of Namastefinance: Aditya Raj on Finance and More

Aditya Raj is one of those people who has done more in life than most teenagers ever could. This is because he is not only the founder of over 4 startups.

One of his best creations is NamasteFinance which is meant for Indian audiences who do not yet know the advantages of investing their money. Hard earned money is good but smart earned money is better because you are not only using your skills but also increasing your savings by doing nothing but simply observing.

The very first time he invested money was when he was only 16 years old. He was not old enough to legally invest so he used his mother’s account on behalf of her. He knew all about mutual funds, common stock markets, crypto currencies. And it was not an easy task because he had to keep learning about the different trends on how he can actually benefit from this. Once he turned 18, there was no stopping him.

Therefore, the blog NamasteFinance helps others who do not know about how useful investing in different mediums can be, be it a stock market, mutual funds or crypto currencies. Most of the people who want to play it safe invest in FDs or mutual funds, but there are some of those experts who study the market and invest in stocks and crypto currencies.

Honestly, crypto currencies are becoming quite popular so much that even the Indian government is talking about it. It was in the news before that there shows how the government has a little of an issue with the crypto currencies, but it was not very solid news with very less resources to back it up. Provided the circumstances, there are other mediums of investing too, and NamasteFinance is surely going to help you out with it. Visit now and enjoy the info for your own benefits. After all, that is the basic goal of Aditya Raj, to make people aware and educate them on investing money properly.

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