Founders and Development Team Behind Baby Shark Token Explain Daddy Shark Tokenomics

It’s time to take a moment and break down the Daddy Shark tokenomics. The Baby Shark Token community has been infiltrated with questions about how Daddy Shark is going to help Baby Shark token, and leaving others questioning if Baby Shark Token is going to get abandoned.

Everything the Baby Shark founders create is going to benefit Baby Shark. Baby Shark is our charity token, and the driving factor that led to the launch of this project back in May of 2021. As explained by the founders, “Without more volume, it becomes extremely difficult to fulfil charity work.”

The Mission of Daddy Shark

Rather than altering the Baby Shark Token contract, the founders suggested that token holders would gain more value by adding a brand new token to their Baby Shark Token ecosystem, Daddy Shark, rather than redeveloping the original contract and going through a relaunch of the original Baby Shark Token.

The launch of Daddy Shark Token is said to have additional features and functionality that were originally intended to be part of V1 of Baby Shark Token, allowing the team to continuously progress on their charity mission to save the ocean.

Daddy Shark tokenomics will utilize a 10% tax on all buy, sell, and send transactions, broken down as follows:

  • 3% sent to a multisignature wallet reserved for marketing and development.
  • 3% awarded to holders as rewards, which are customizable in the token dashboard.
  • 2% sent to the liquidity pool to ensure it is constantly being funded.
  • 1% is used to buy back Daddy Shark Tokens, so the price floor is constantly rising.
  • 1% is used to buy back Baby Shark Tokens, so Daddy Shark always pumps Baby Shark.

The tokenomics explain it all, Daddy Shark token will fully support the original Baby Shark token. By default, the Daddy Shark token rewards are set to Baby Shark and token holders are able to swap rewards to whatever token they choose, and this is easily done inside their token holder dashboard. 

The founders advise their token holders to leave their rewards in their Baby Shark token pool in order to help Baby Shark continue to work with cryptoceanic conservation.

The 1% buy back of Baby Shark will initially go towards building up the liquidity pool for the Baby Shark Token game that will be coming out sometime after Daddy Shark and the NFT’s launch. This will give you something fun to do with your Shark NFT’s.

Daddy Shark Launch Roadmap

Now that the founders have launched Daddy Shark Token, they will launch the NFT’s, with the NFT marketplace shortly after. This marketplace will have some fun mini games for token holders to play and familiarize themselves with Shark NFT’s. In months to follow, the Baby Shark Founders will launch their full NFT game.

To learn more about the Daddy Shark Token Launch, you can visit

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