Frequently Asked Questions About Mr Vibhu Maurya (The Digital Tycoon) and a Global Entrepreneur.

Who is Vibhu Maurya?

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Mr. Maurya is recognized as a Global Based Entrepreneur. He has a dynamic business
engagements in the affluent strata of digital robotics, medical supply chain, minerals, real estate, and production house. Presently, he is the owner of more than 3 multi giant enterprises
indifferent countries namely (USA, DUBAI, and UK)
• IDLR INC, based in the USA
• Sadbhav Group LTD UK
• Surgics Medical Equipment Trading LLC
The above-mentioned companies are intervening in the segments of the Medical Trading,
Medical Supply Chain Management and Robotics. He also owns two companies in India,
which are Sadbhav Minerals PVT. Ltd and Oracle Real Infra.
• Sadbhav Group is engaged in the mining activities and possess three manganese mines
based in Madhya Pradesh, India, and Tikamgarh. The entire business estate has a net
worth 50 million USD. ( Sources: Indian Bureau of Mining (IBM) )
• He is the owner of the Real-Estate Company based in India is named “Oracle
Realinfra” is engaged in the real estate segment and focusses on the construction
activities in India. Presently, the combined net asset value of the company is having a
property worth 76 Million USD.
• ANT Entertainment is his Production House and Entertainment Company based
primarily in India and the USA. Ant Entertainment has been involved in the production of
many movies namely :
1 “The Last One”- (USA)
2 Bhaagte Raho3 Dont worry be happy
3 Disha (Rre Pronounced)
The total estimated worth of 20 million USD
(Sources: IMDB)

Cars and Jet Owned By Him?

Yes, we checked the RTO India Data and talked to a few of his close/ personal acquaintances
and then we got to know that he has 3 cars in India.
• Bentley Continental GT Black
• BMW 7 Series 2019 Blue
• Hyundai Crete 2018 White
“We are not sure about his Cars in UK and UAE” as we will try to update it very soon.
According to the company employees, the jet that he uses to travel is owned by a Dubai Based
Company in which he occupies the role of an active Directorship.

Net Worth Of Mr. Maurya.

He has an estimated global Net worth of 720 Million USD according to the present foreign
directorship. And Indian Data says 560 Million USD.
Source: (Company Registrar Of DUBAI, UK, USA)

Presently, Sadbhav Group, the mineral giant is focused on going public and launching their
IPO in mid-2021 as per the announcement made by the company. After that, we can expect the company to be in top-notch rungs of the business progression in the evolving years to come.

Relationship Status

Single. (Rumours of Dating A Gujrat Actress)

Father and Mother Occupation

Mr. Maurya’s Father is a powerful politician and his mother is a lawyer by profession.
Age 28 years


• MBA (Finance) – London Business School (2017-2019)
• Degree in Stock Trading ( Advanced)
• B.Tech ( Civil Engineering )

Mumbai, Dubai, London, USA

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