From BabyLungZzz to Mr.SoulReal: The Journey Continues


It couldn’t have been this great odyssey if he didn’t patch things up with courage and give the green light to everyday living. Yes, we are talking about the great musician BabyLungz , who till the date, has given us peerless and the most record-breaking songs which still has been making loud noises on the biggest platforms.

Born in Mexico and raised in California, this 26-year-old man BabyLungz’s Music Journey kicked off in the year 2017 when his first track “Serg1- Reminiscing Thoughts” popped out on the largest music outlets. Further next, he thought of taking a break to build himself for the craft and soon after showed up as BabyLungz in 2018.

Thereon he dropped multiple tracks like Krazy House, House Up On The Hills, Animosity, Late Nights All Alone, and Love Letter. They all had something personal attached and also his piece of soul underneath, making them more beautiful plus sentiments to get deep down in the core of emotions.

The life knocked for six when in 2019, BabyLungz dropped a theme “Birth Of BabyLungz”, which ultimately amassed thick attention and made him to do two big shows. A number of people twirled and showed support and this also led him to do many underground and radio interviews.

Celebrating the success along the way, when BabyLungz was all set to work on his next compositions, there went a global pandemic in 2020 which eventually shut the whole world down and got everyone’s mental health at stake.

BabyLungz saw what was going on and it brought him flashbacks of 2018 when he had his psychotic episodes. All of the sudden, he realised that maybe he wasn’t all crazy. He felt in the back of his head that probably God showed him the future and his brain couldn’t comprehend it.

Behind all the above, he began working on End Of Times LP, a project that consists of seven episodes and the stroll started on the date 7th of July, 2020. He launched episode 1: BabyLungz x MindFuk- Shadow Realms and kept up following the series by dropping the episodes every one or two months as it was his wish to make the best of his lockdown.

Well, when asked BabyLungz about the upcoming plans for the following year 2021, he told that he is undergoing a name change to “Mr.SoulReal”, and also on the 7th of July, he will be dropping the South Park Edition on Spotify as Mr.SoulReal.

Further he says that it’s his adorable audience and fanbase who has made the road this aesthetic and without their support, it wouldn’t have been possible to rise and climb to the top. He wishes for more love and support from his beautiful fandom as he will be dropping myriad ranges of tunes in near times.

Here is the link to BabyLungz’s tremendous series of seven episodes:

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