From Being A Freelancer To Being One Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Experts, Rachit Madan’s Journey Is Impressive

We all find prominent and career-changing opportunities in places we never thought of! Ever since the inception of the internet, the number of job opportunities and business ideas has grown a lot in the past decade. Today, affiliate marketing is booming at a faster pace. But some people got associated with it when it was just making its mark in the business market. Rachit Madan is one of those few people who has been associated with affiliate marketing for quite a long time.

Rachit Madan started his career in affiliate marketing in the year 2009. At that time, he didn’t start it as full-time employment. He was waiting for his joining at Infosys. To keep himself busy and earn some good money, he kept himself occupied with freelance work. However, associating himself with affiliate marketing proved to be one of Madan’s best decisions in his life!

When Rachit Madan started working with Infosys, he used to work 9-5 with overseas advertisers. Despite being a full-time job, he was earning pennies. On the other hand, through affiliate marketing work, he met professionals in that field through some forums and other online platforms. They helped Rachit to understand how profitable and interesting the field is. The earnings from his freelance were more compared to what he earned as a full-time employee.

In 2014, Rachit decided to quit his job to become a full-time affiliate professional. One might call it a risky move, but it was a bold and profitable decision he made back then. He started his own e-commerce in the same year and worked hard day and night until he made a strong presence for himself in the world of affiliate marketing. Life changed completely for Rachit Madan, especially in terms of financial earnings. Currently, he is a growth marketer helping clients increase sales and generate leads for the big giants in the United States.

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