From Belgaum to Birmingham : The Exhilarating Journey of a Global Bodybuilding Champion and Fitness Influencer Rakesh C Wadhwa

The above quote is a inspiration to many who believe in the power of their dreams and are committed to climb any wall to achieve their dream life.

A young man from Belgaum, Karnataka also had faith in his perseverance which took him from working at a call centre to becoming a bodybuilding champion who not only won national titles but brought home international victory for his county.

Rakesh C Wadhwa won medals in 4 different competitions at 3 categories, but the journey to UK was a long one, from his hometown in Belgaum he began with the regional level at the end of 2015, in a short span, with his hard work and determination he covered his way to Mumbai, and from there on he took the leap to UK where he was invited to participate in the Bodypower Birmingham.

This journey was way tougher than it seems, from competing with international athletes who were in the bodybuilding field from a long time to beating them and entering a new country for the first time for the biggest competition, Rakesh C Wadhwadealt with a series of unfortunate events and impressed the panels with his physique and won medals amongst all the international athletes competing from different countries at the expo, he banged the second position at the UKUP competition under the Male Muscle Category, third place in the Men’s Physique category, on the next day, he competed with all the international bodybuilders in the NPC competition in the MensPhysique category where he clenched another medal, on the final day of the Bodypower UK, he participated in the competition organized by WABBA called the Amateur Olympia and registered the final win at the expo.

Today, Rakesh C Wadhwa donnes many roles, not only is he a notable name in the bodybuilding industry but is training scores of people to reach their dream body goals by fitness and nutrition training, he also has a supplement business and gym called the ‘Lifters Paradise’.

His social media following also speaks volumes about his character, Rakesh C Wadhwa has crossed over 3,40,000 followers in Facebook and Instagram combines and he continues to give motivation and knowledge to the youth via his informative interviews.

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