From College Dropout To Marketing Mogul, Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy According to Callum Roche

Callum Roche started his entrepreneurial journey before he started high school. While most 12-year old’s where out playing, Callum was more interested in figuring out how to earn his own pocket money, so he didn’t have to rely on his parents. He would call around to the neighboring houses with a pressure washer to clean cars and would offer to mow lawns, putting his hands to anything that would sell. It was around this time Roche stumbled across the idea of making money on the internet. He self-thought himself how to use photoshop and creative software’s and started a side hustle selling background designs to famous YouTubers from his bedroom.

Roche dropped out of college in his second year to pursue his own business ventures fulltime. Today, Roche empowers upcoming entrepreneurs by helping them build elite personal brands online. He is the founder and CEO of Supercharged Clout, a personal branding agency and also the co-founder of Ecom And Chill, a company which helps influencers build ecommerce brands from scratch to help them become self-sufficient. His advice is sought after by many high-profile figures ranging from sports athletes to celebrities. More than just an entrepreneur, Roche is an international best-selling author having published his first book at 22 and a second currently in the works.

Born into a working-class family, Roche learnt mostly from reading books and rigorous trial and error. At the age of 19, due to family issues going on at home, Roche hit a major low point in his life. While trying to revive a failing venture at the time, he was kicked out of home and ended up spending some months sleeping rough in his car. Roche credits this time in his life to be a huge role in his success, “I learnt to discipline my disappointments. Feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to get me anywhere and it’s only when you hit a rough patch in life you realize you’ve really only got two choices haven’t you? You can point blame or take self-responsibility. Pointing blame leads to nowhere, I’m glad I chose the second option”, Roche explains.

This time also taught Roche how fast your life can change and to be grateful every single day regardless of the situation you’re in right now. You could have an abundance of wealth but if you’re lacking in the areas of health, love and happiness, you’re not truly rich.

Roche is also known for advocating that you don’t need a college degree to start a business or become successful. In fact, he believes that by investing the equivalent of four years into a start-up would benefit you a lot more than someone who spent those years in a classroom. He does not discredit college students but wants non-college goers to know that with the right mindset and a problem-solving attitude, you can achieve something great.

Roche is a contributor for Thrive global and enjoys writing on the topics of ecommerce, sales and marketing. His work is regularly featured on Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine and many more high tier publications. He is considered by many in the ecommerce space to be a reckoning force of the future.

If you’d like to follow Roche’s journey, feel free to follow his Instagram (@calroche) here or visit his website.

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