From High School Dropout to Record Executive: Michael Brian Shares His Inspiring Success Story

Today, Michael Brian is a 31-year-old major record executive, executive producer, and musician. His success story begins when he became a high school dropout. Thanks to adapting, absorbing knowledge, a little bit of luck, and a dash of the Aloha spirit, he was able to achieve his dreams.

Michael always loved music. It was the thing he gravitated towards above all else when he was a child. As he grew older, he followed his passion and learned how to cultivate it. That led to him getting his first record deal when he was just 15 years old.

Helping cement his rise in the music industry was his incredibly good ear for music. He was also always able to have his finger on the pulse of the hottest records. By the time he was 17, Michael was able to get his own apartment in New York City and continue up the ladder of success. The money he made as a teen helped him purchase his first equipment, leading him to begin recording while living in SoHo.

As someone who was always hospitality-minded, he started letting his friends use his equipment, which led to some highly creative sessions. As a natural networker and entrepreneur, Michael starting renting out living space and began owning other rooms, bringing in additional income that helped fund his future endeavors. His knack for collaboration would eventually lead to him getting his dream job as a record executive and record producer.

Today, he looks back and reflects on what it took to unlock his personal success. One thing that has never steered him wrong was his intuition. Whenever he pursued things that felt good and helped make others feel good, he had noticed a wellspring of benefits arise as a result. This is something that helped make him great at hospitality while running the largest independent recording studio in Los Angeles.

Not once along the way to unlocking his success did he need to compromise his values. Many in the industry often think they need to in order to get ahead. Yet, Michael is living proof that you can achieve anything you want without sacrificing who you are. Michael has always avoided doing anything he didn’t feel aligned with, which helped him to always enjoy whatever project it was that he was working on.

Michael’s advice to others looking to live their dreams is to first focus on becoming the best version of yourself. He recommends spending time every day on this. Pretty soon, things will start falling into place, which will help reinforce that level of self-care you are practicing.

Even when there were obstacles along his path to success, Michael kept trusting the universe and the process. He believes that as long as you are doing what you need to do, are being truthful, prepared, a good person, focused, and authentic, good things will happen to you and you will do well in life.

It’s Michael’s hope that others get to follow their dreams and achieve them, just as he has. If this high school dropout was able to do it, then so can others who follow his sage advice.

You can follow Michael Brian on Instagram @michaelbrian.

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