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From Public Defender to Founder of Geller Law: How Sam Geller’s Personal Brand Was Born

This lawyer gives us tips to build, highlight, and empower your personal brand to make your business a success.

In today’s world, selling a product or offering services requires more than just talking about it. It requires that the person identifies not only with it but with the person or company that offers it. Whether it is a lawyer, doctor, personal trainer, or any other profession, the personal brand represents an elemental aspect.

From his experience, Sam Geller, Criminal Defense Lawyer and founder of Geller Law, highlights the importance and benefits that the creation of a personal brand has brought both in the practice of his profession and in his growth within social media.

Geller is a recognized professional of the Law, whose career has been full of achievements and constant learning—from his beginnings as a public defender in Marin County to San Francisco where he had the opportunity to serve on eight jury trials in just one year.

However, although his performance as a professional allowed him to gain the respect and recognition of the profession and his clients, the creation of his brand gave him a greater boost in his career.

Investing in yourself

For Sam, creating a personal brand goes beyond simple advertising and attracting new customers. It is a process of building, learning, and dedicating to a seal, which will be distinctive. Through this, people can identify you and identify with you.

It is an investment in which you will not only offer your service, adding value to those who require it, but also providing knowledge and contributions to people with interests similar to yours.

It has been precisely this thought that has accompanied Geller since the foundation of his firm, Geller Law, and his personal brand. A path that he defines full of learnings and frustrations, which has left him with great satisfaction.

He has gone from acquiring recognition for the performance of his work in a dedicated and focused way, to the being part of Forbes as a collaborator in the writing of several articles.

Showing the reality

Geller is a lawyer and entrepreneur who ensures that a personal brand goes beyond showing a business partner or displaying a service. He takes care to reflect the person. This, from his perspective, allows people to generate a connection, which helps to develop trust and comfort. Aspects that people take into consideration when hiring a professional.

Educate and grow in your area

A personal brand allows you to be seen in a context outside the profession and also lets you distinguish oneself within one’s field, show authority, and provide people with knowledge.

For Geller, it’s all about leaving the intention of promoting your service to the side and, rather, focusing on transmitting info and creating valuable content. According to him, people can recognize you by what you teach and not by what you sell.

Stay innovative

A personal brand is not only synonymous to authority, but also to growth and innovation. An entrepreneur, or any professional, must make sure to maintain an image in which constant updating and learning are evident. A personal brand will help people see their progress and feel interested in following their growth.

Build relationships

According to Sam Geller’s opinion, regardless of the social media platforms where he has a presence with his personal brand, the objective is to create relationships. To establish a connection with people and transmit content that is of interest according to their area of knowledge.

It is the capacity and the strategies you use to generate those relationships that will distinguish you from the rest. And it provides you with the possibility to scale up your positioning among your audience of interest.   

Geller says that, from the moment he started with his personal brand, the learning has been even greater. This process has allowed him to move out of his comfort zone and gain more experience.

He emphasizes that it is not an easy job. Building a personal brand is very demanding, especially when you are committed to transmitting and adding value to those who might be interested in your work.

However, he assures that by handling it properly, it will allow us to harvest great fruits in terms of the image projected and reached in different audiences with which there is the possibility of generating a connection.

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Kevin Leyes

Written by Kevin Leyes

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company, and Leyes Media, an SMM and PR agency. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council.

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