From the Slums to the Top of Music Charts: The Rise of John Star Icon

You can choose to be timid and follow the common path, or take a leap of faith and chart your own course. While it’s true that there is nothing new under the sun, sometimes doing things your way is more satisfying than following others. As rapper and music director John Star Icon proves, sometimes being a nonconformist is the fastest route to stardom and success.

John Star’s story begins in Staten Island, New York. Growing up on the harsh streets, the dream of becoming a well-known rapper someday was one motivation that kept him going. He’d listen to his favorites, like Papoose and Cory Gunz, and promise himself that he’d become like them one day.

As he grew older, John Star realized that talent alone would not be enough to get him to the top. No one would give him a chance to prove his skills. As a result, he had to work twice as hard as anyone else to get the attention of radio A&Rs.

That’s when John decided to change tactics. Instead of wasting time knocking on the doors of record label companies, he’d do his projects independently. He made his debut as an independent artist in 2009 with his highly successful mix tapes album, “Rise of a Star” and has never looked back.

“Rise of a Star” was also John Star’s first project with some people he’d grown up admiring. He worked with the famous G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid and that opened opportunities for more collaborations. After years of admiring them, John has since worked on other projects with some of his favorite lyricists like Papoose.

Over the years, John Star has created hit singles that have done extremely well. His singles “Hoot Tours” and “Right Now” ranked high on hip-hop charts in NYC. Hot 97, New York’s number 1 hip-hop station also voted them as the best tracks.

Of course, there have also been lots of haters along the way who didn’t think John Star deserved such success. John Star has not heeded them or allowed them to bring him down. Instead, he recently released a hit single, “Regardless”, addressing their criticism.

He uses well-aimed punch lines and hard lyrics to convey his happiness regardless of what others say. John Star says he is living the life he has always wanted, and he tells the haters he is reaching for the crown, so they better watch out. Regardless of what they say or think, he has earned his lifestyle.

The kid from Staten Island is already taking over NYC and his reputation as a popular rapper is growing by the day. Currently, he is working on new music that’s set to be released soon. He is also working on securing financial backing that will help him support upcoming artists in his city.

John Icon’s success is proof that despite where one starts in life, hard work can make a lot of difference. To anyone who feels disadvantaged by their background, he says, “Work hard, believe in yourself, and never take no for an answer. Keep pushing till your vision materializes.”

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