Gal Media Sees a Growth of 550% This Year Alone – Becoming the Leading Connector for Editors, Influencers and Celebrities in Women-Led Industries

Founder and CEO of Gal Media Group, Jennifer Jaden has always had a passion for helping small businesses tell their stories. Since the launch of this amazing company in Jan. 2020, brands have utilized Gal Media to build their online presence and increase press features nationwide.

Well-known companies such as Laced Hair Extensions, Lonely Ghost, Tru Fru, Thread Wallets to name a few, and more have reaped the benefits of Gal Media’s assistance. This brand has its arms open to everyone, and has a dedication for helping these companies succeed.

For the last 15 years, Jennifer’s job has been to connect different opportunities with the right people. “Public relations is all about communication and connecting the dots” she said.

Being in L.A, Jennifer was a witness to all of the amazing people who were constantly creating and investing themselves in new businesses, but were left without any public relations companies to assist them. Hearing the stories of over 100,000 women entrepreneurs ignited her passion, and Jennifer began to focus on professionally telling these influential stories nationally.

“I was sick of seeing the same people on the cover of the same magazine. What about all of these other women in the world who are giving their everything to start these brands?” she asked. Gal Media Group was born and continues to find connections for a diverse and changing group of clients.

Since the beginning of Gal Media, Jennifer has instinctually and skillfully crafted an amazing team of boss babes. “Our IT factor is that we have such an incredible team that can work together to make opportunities happen.

We are in all different places, connecting with all different types of editors, podcasts, events, television, and it really does take a great team to facilitate all of those things” she said. The dream team at Gal Media is definitely one to be trusted.

Jennifer also emphasizes the need for great relationships with clientele, and she mirrors this through her relationships. She follows the open-door policy, so she is always available for any and all of their needs and easily able to facilitate opportunities.

Gal Media Group is a unique PR company, and one that invests themselves within the lives of their clients. The accepting hearts at Gal Media allow brands to be their full authentic selves, while getting a lot more press along the way.

If you want your brand to get more traction, stand-out, and become known nationally, you need Gal Media. For more information or to reach out, go to

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