From Gang Life to Successful Entrepreneur: Nathan Allen Pirtle’s Big Break

Life wasn’t always easy for Nathan Allen Pirtle, who was reluctantly involved in gangs and criminal activity at a young age, and whose father passed away in 2013.

One day Nathan found himself looking for some kind of guidance and asking for a sign or some kind of angel to guide him. Miraculously, that same day=, he met someone that changed his life forever.

He was walking to the store to get pickles for a sandwich. At this time, he was working two jobs, one at Coffee Bean and the other a call center. When he stumbled upon a wallet in the parking lot, he had two choices—take the wallet and use whatever cash was in it, or return it. He decided to knock on the window of the BMW truck and hand it to the man inside.

The man proceeded to thank him over and over. Nathan asked the mysterious man what he did. The man’s reply changed his life forever when he announced that he was the Writer/Producer for the TV show, Empire.

Own Your Moment to Shine

This was Nathan’s moment to shine.

“I told him I owned a digital marketing and branding company, even though I only had one client and no trademarks, in my heart I was already a CEO. Come to find out, he was looking for someone who did just that. He gave me one of my first big clients, a Black Roots singer named Fantastic Negrito who is actually nominated for a Grammy this year,” Nathan said.

To this day, Malcolm is one of Nathan’s mentors and a day doesn’t go by without at least a text or a call. And all it took was capitalizing on the moment and doing the right thing.

The New Generation Doesn’t Want to Be Sold To

Nathan, who has over 1.2 million Twitter followers and who is what I would consider a real master at it, knows his way around building one on one relationships even with millions of people.

Nathan said, “This new generation does not like being sold to or told the exact thing that you told everyone else. Please turn off your auto messages—it scares people away. Stop spamming, and focus on building one on one relationships with everyone you encounter. It might take a little extra time, but it’s worth it I promise.”

One thing that I’ve picked up from Nathan on how he’s built such a die-hard following on Twitter is that he treats every encounter like a presidential campaign. He doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks, and he puts importance, thought and significance into every message and Tweet he sends out.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Your Way Into Success

“I did everything wrong until I found something that I could do right,” Nathan said.

I think that failure can be a great teacher if you truly understand what you are failing at and learn something from it that you can actually use in the future.

The problem people make with failing their way into success is that they never truly learn anything from it. If I fail building a successful bakery, I may not learn anything that will help me with an online marketing company. But, that’s when you learn that it’s more about a state of mind and being more than a particular skill or method.

Build Relationships, Not Clients

“Its funny, though I use the word, I don’t really consider the people I work with ‘clients,'” Nathan said.

What he’s getting at is that he turns ‘clients’ into relationships. And I completely agree, I do the exact same thing. I don’t treat someone as a client, I give everyone a chance to create a meaningful and valuable relationship with me.

Nathan continued, “When I work with someone, I don’t just hand them a content calendar and say here this is what we will post about. I am all about one-on-one relationships I don’t operate like some guy who comes in the room trying to use big words and confuse you, I like to keep it simple and straight to the point.”

Nathan has gone on to build relationships and work with people like Wyclef Jean, Madeline Nelson, Paula Abdul, Gavin Rossdale, Fantastic Negrito, Heads audio, and Ted Field. Check out and you will see more there.

“My purpose on this earth is to change lives, my purpose is to show all of the underdogs that no matter how far behind you “think” that you are, you can still reach your goals. Life is a marathon not a sprint,” Nathan said.


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