Gauging the Mood of the Audiences, Gencay Dokmecioglu, Aka Youngmoon Soared to Success, as an Internationally-acclaimed Dj

DJ Youngmoon has emerged as the most sought-after DJs around the world, due to his talent, work ethic, and will to cater to his listeners’ needs.

The art of a DJ is seldom underrated. It is a very meticulous process of playing music, mixing it up with perfection, to satiate the listeners. DJing requires immense talent, vision, creativity, and the sense of gauging the audience and playing accordingly. Possessing these attributes is a DJ from Cyprus, who has become the most sought-after DJs in the world, due to his innovation and desire to play to his audience’s choice, he is Gencay Dokmecioglu aka DJ Youngmoon.

DJ Youngmoon is a 25-year-old DJ who has got global recognition and has won the prestigious award of being the 2018-2019 entertainer of the year as a DJ. Currently residing in Dubai, he has become the first DJ from Cyprus to win the Best DJ award, the first DJ in BBC1Xtra and BBC Asian Network, and the first DJ who played in Ibiza. DJ Youngmoon began DJing in the year 2015, at Cyprus’ Ayia Napa Place and showcased his talents to the travelers and party-goers in leading clubs like Europe Castle Club, Ambassador Bar, Nissi Beach, and Sin Club. Since his childhood, he was fascinated with music and came in contact with the career of a DJ, when he saw a DJ perfectly mixing the music, at his school party. With innate passion, vigor, and determination, he pursued to become a DJ, professionally. It was difficult to make it at first, but he carefully studied the art of DJing, observing many DJs in the vicinity.

He learned that to become a good DJ; he must cater to the audiences. He must listen and abide by their wants and innovate within the boundaries. DJ Youngmoon built up the mentality to satiate the listeners, by gauging their mood. Getting a sense of what “they” want, is very tricky, and DJ Youngmoon managed this with exemplary ease and composure.

His life has been an inspiring journey of many ups and downs, but this youngster has only believed in moving upwards and onwards, which has helped him garner the name and recognition he enjoys today as one of the most leading DJs worldwide. Connect with him on Instagram @officialyoungmoon to gain some more inspiration.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.