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Gucci P: Gen Z Businessman to lead the digital marketing space 2021

Creativity has no limits in life or business. For the longest time, the millennials were labeled as the Entrepreneurial generation. However, with the evolution of business, Gen Z business owners and Entrepreneurs are adopting creative ways to accelerate the business and growth for their clients.

Gen Z Entrepreneur Gucci P is one of the prominent names riding the wave of digital disruption in the creative space. He has been working with high-ticket clients from different domains. He has come a long way with figuring out and exploring was to unleash his creativity.

Who is Gucci P? 

Peter “Gucci P” Iwuh, aka Gucci P, is a US-based entrepreneur. He belongs to Hyattsville, Maryland. Currently, he owns multiple businesses, including a creative agency, clothing line, a sound record company, and multiple creative collaborations. He is one of the youngest to have accomplishments in the music industry and creative business.

He has an eye for details and has a creative approach towards the business he is involved in. The most crucial trait of Gucci P is that he finds opportunity in any situation, whether it be a party or a music event. He was constantly exploring ways to start his career until he was selected to be the Sony Music College Representative for Baltimore.

He made most of the opportunity by working with major labels like Epic, Columbia, RCA, and more. Gucci P made sure that he has a connection with the significant brands and people in the music industry. He worked with multiple National organizations in his high school days and connected and influenced the Gen Z audience via social media.

For that, he was selected by Facebook as 1 of 25 HBCU Newsroom fellows. Working on many creative projects with various clients, he is now recognized as a GenZ marketing expert. He has been interviewing artists for a long time and his signature #KickinItWitGucciP show.

Gucci P has successfully built up a powerful personal brand on social media. And his brand is a reason he is widely recognized in the industry and is approached by various influencers and artists for his management and creative services. Currently, he has a massive 50K followers on TikTok and 24K on Instagram.

Tykoon’s journey towards becoming a top creative agency? 

Gucci P was getting more traction for his creative services, which was why Tycoon was formed. The agency was founded in 2018 when Gucci P failed to find an internship after graduating from high school. And today, Tykoon is the most versatile Gen Z-operated creative agency.

The agency specializes in digital marketing, branding, strategy planning, content creation, talent management, and more. In his journey to showcase his skills via Tycoon, Gucci P met with some exceptional Gen Z talents who made the agency more credible. Tykoon was kick-started with live events, artist management, and content analysis for several musicians and artists.

The Tykoon team has the proper skill set, infrastructure, exclusive strategies, and experience to help artists and brands to increase their visibility and awareness. With his enormous experience in music marketing, he has helped many artists get the recognition they deserve. 

The agency helped them to collaborate with artists and influences and integrate brand promotion via influencer marketing. Tykoon has successfully planned promotional campaigns for a high ticket to launch their commercials. They have created content like video commercials and social media content for various energy drinks, fashion, automotive brands, etc.

Artists are good at making music, but they lack the business and marketing mindset. Gucci P has witnessed this problem in the industry at a very young age. He is passionate about helping the artist to collaborate with brands and help them monetize their skill set. Tycoon’s Gen Z led team is backed by experienced people who have worked in companies like Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Quadio, and more.

They also have experience working with numerous startups and e-commerce websites. With all their expertise and Gucci P’s industrial influence, they can turn any local brand or creator into a sensation. With services like social media marketing, content creation, press/ article placement, ads, consultations, media, kits, digital billboards, GIF uploads, and more.

To more about Gucci P and Tykoon – @__guccip and @tykoonmp


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