Get Proactively Protected With Deep Sentinel’s Super Guards

By human nature, some of our top priorities are to keep our loved ones and belongings protected. Deep Sentinel, a progressive security solution that proactively responds to threats, was founded to take care of that worry and avoid dealing with what could be devastating aftermath. The innovative approach was based on the drawbacks of having security that only alerts owners after a crime had occurred. Deep Sentinel redefined the standards for home security systems in a way the rest of the industry seemed to miss the mark.

Due to proprietary artificial intelligence technology embedded in the foundation of Deep Sentinel’s programming, the computer system can detect anomalies in the monitored area and optimizes that data to recognize a possible threat or intruder correctly. Then on the back end, the “human in the loop” live sentinel guard applies their human intelligence to engage protocols and secure the perimeter, keeping your personal belongings and mental well-being protected better than ever before.

Stopping about 15 to 20 crimes daily, smart HD cameras and 24/7 surveillance teamwork in tandem to intervene in real-time. The two-way communication system allows live guards to talk with intruders or family and distinguish the difference before contacting authorities.

Unlike the many false alarms called in by other security systems, the LiveSentinel security team contacts a police dispatcher within 30 seconds of being alerted and is able to provide detailed information of the suspect, crime, and possible weapons on the scene with 100% verification on their call.


“Everything else you buy right now is reactive. Deep Sentinel is proactive, meaning that whether it’s a camera or burglar alarm system, you’re waiting for something else to happen, and then you have to respond,” said Founder and CEO David Selinger on the Techstination podcast. “Whereas Deep Sentinel actually has cameras with a combination of A.I. and live guards that actively deter potential criminals and prevent it from happening in the first place.”

With the initiative to take action and engage as soon as possible, authorities are contacted before the homeowners after the threat has been assessed as a potential danger. Working to keep costs affordable while essentially having a personal security guard on standby, Deep Sentinel functions at a competitive price that gets reinvested into the cost to improve internal systems continuously to keep you, your family, and property secure.

Revitalizing the home security industry was no small feat, but founder and CEO David Selinger helped create this new technology to fill a noticeable gap. As an A.I. expert, co-founder of Redfin, and founder of Rich Relevance, Selinger was one of the first employees of Amazon working directly under Jeff Bezos to create their research algorithms.

He’s transferred those skills and revolutionary ideas to Deep Sentinel, which will continue to defy industry standards in the coming years. To learn more about Deep Sentinel products and services, please visit their website at

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