Getting To Know The Top Designer Suresh Ganesh: Founder Of Boy London And MAML

Suresh Ganesh Patel Is one of the leading producers of clothing brands because he has not only designed for celebrities but also implemented ideas that have increased the sales of his companies. With a profound knowledge in the field of fashion industry, Suresh had opted to study and prepare well for this just after completing his high school education.

Born in Gujarat and brought up in Mumbai, he had always planned to run a successful business one day. Even though he faced lot of challenging situations because of the absence of particular resources, he managed to take the risk and do a proper research on running an established business.

It is often said that hard work always pays off, and this is clearly visible at the face of Suresh when he managed to come up with great influence business ideas which would not only generate a considerable income but also influence the fashion industry in a positive manner.

There are a lot of international brands in India but very few have managed to establish themselves internationally, having their originals in the country itself. Suresh Ganesh Patel had always wanted to implement his ideas in such a way that he could provide for celebrities too.

“Always remember, the customer is always right. You will not advance until you satisfy the customer. They are the ones who will be contributing to the success of your business organisation” suggests the Entrepreneur- Suresh. He really loves to apply his ideas without having any restrictions, this is what makes his business grow. Since he has been in the fashion industry for almost 20 years now, he has experienced some lows and also a lot of highs in his business.

He learned that meditation and music is the ultimate key to success, leading his team, working beside them instead of just ordering them brings about a huge change in his professional life. Let’s have a look at his established business companies:

  • Boy London Clothing Pvt Ltd: An option for people from all ages, having a wide collection which never ceases to please the customers.
  • MAML Brand

Personal Designer:

Suresh specialises in designing personal outfits. His recent works have been for Kailash Kher (A Red Carpet Show). He was introduced professionally by the singer after he delivered outstanding work in designing the requested work beyond expectations. Mr Patel had also been a personal designer for Jasleen Matharu, the popular big boss participant and Actress.

Suresh Ganesh Patel already has a bright future planned ahead, making a way into the Bollywood industry there a world of celebrities offer him to work for them personally. He has always dreamt big and managed to achieve his goal no matter how big the risk factor is. According to him, one must be fair to every customer and put in their best. Unless and until you enjoy the work, you won’t be able to make it to the top.

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