Giti Online – Ambitious Vision to Expand Internationally

Christopher Chong has overcome countless challenges and learned many valuable lessons on his inspirational journey so far. Here we find out all about his drive and what keeps him motivated.

Going the extra mile

Launched in 2003, Giti Online Inc is on a mission to become a one-stop e-commerce shop that customers can purchase a full outfit from head to toe. The man leading that ambitious plan is Christopher Chong – a determined figure who refuses to let challenges stand in his way. Giti started from a small retail branch in The Oaks Mall in Gainesville, Florida. It wanted to supply high fashionable wear at affordable prices to young adults in college towns.  Now based in Miami, Florida, the online store sells unique clothing in a vast inventory of trendy styles. But this is a business like no other, with its uniqueness setting it apart from the rest.

Giti maximises your shopping experience by offering the latest styles in fast fashion clothing. In today’s fast-changing world, companies must go the extra mile to stand out to customers – and Giti is doing exactly that.

Unique clothing

Of course, life presents many colossal challenges, particularly for those tasked with helping to run companies.

It takes exceptional talent to succeed in the business world.  But not just talent – hard work and determination are also crucial components. And Christopher has each of those traits in his armoury. He is fully aware that starting a business is not easy and takes a lot of time and sacrifices. Many people tend to start on something and then quit a few months in.  However, if you are passionate about something you will find any means necessary to keep your passion project going.  Giti started from getting one to three orders a week to now getting thousands thanks to its great customers. Christopher and the team’s attitude and determination to achieve have also played a vital role.

Growth during pandemic

There have been many success stories for Giti since it arrived on the scene.

But the biggest success is starting from nothing and growing to a team of more than 30 employees.

The company’s year over year growth, especially during the pandemic, has been phenomenal and the team is grateful for all the loyal customers who come through week after week.

Giti is one of the biggest plus size retailers online. It tries to supply more products for the plus size shoppers as it sees a lot of customers requesting more plus size products.

Valuable lessons

Christopher has learned many valuable lessons on his journey so far.

He believes that no matter how much inventory or experience you have, make sure to have a great brand identity. Social media is your advertising platform and social media posts can go hand in hand with advertising. 

It is imperative to create good content and continue generating new content for social media on a consistent basis. Most boutiques tend to use stock images from the manufacturer but if you really want to stand out from the rest then you should create your own material.

International expansion

As he sets his sights to the future, Christopher and his team are looking forward to expanding the business into more international regions.  Year over year, the company’s international customer base is expanding and it would like to cater some more specific styles and products towards these international customers.

But of course, despite success, staying motivated each day remains a challenge for even the most successful people. Motivation comes in many forms for Christopher but seeing Giti’s customers posts on social media about how they were able to get their products in a timely manner and how excited they are to keep purchasing is always a great motivator.

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