How to Go from Being a Boss to Being a Leader

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself,” as said by J W Marriott.

Employees are the most underrated aspect of any organization. They are responsible for the destiny of the company, yet they are neglected. Nowadays, organizations are so absolutely focussed on clients and deals that they have forgotten that the link that binds customers and the company together are the employees. This link must be made stronger by taking good care of them.

As an Entrepreneur myself, I had my fair share of struggles when I started at 19 to find the best way to motivate and take care of my employees. I inquired with many representatives and read leadership books like Developing The Leader Within You, by John C.Maxwell,  and attended seminars to crack the code.

Employees are an integral part of any business and when they are taken care of properly, business is bound to thrive. Everybody can be a boss, but it takes hard work to be a leader that everybody wants to follow.

Below are the 8 ways you can be a great leader and treat employees better.


A good working culture where everyone from a junior intern to a top official is treated with equal respect will explode the progress of a company. I believe one must respect based on work not on position or designation. Mutual respect makes the working environment pleasant and reduces unnecessary conflicts and stresses. They work with a good vibe and efficiency increases. So always address them with a pleasant tone and make sure they look up to you for inspiration. Lead with modesty, not with ego.


When you are authentic to your employees, it shows in their work. Customers are treated with utmost care. Transparency enables employees to feel important and encourages them to sync with the team. It discourages insecurities from festering. While being transparent has its own negative aspects, the positive aspects override those.


Help every individual feel like they are achieving their maximum capacity, and enable them to accomplish their objectives by putting resources into improving.

Case in point, Sir Alex Ferguson. He developed Cristiano Ronaldo and now he has won four champion league titles. Also, Gary Vaynerchuk shows how to inspire employees with meritocracy.

Discover every representative’s aptitude and utilize them to help the employee move toward a specific work-related end goal. Give them a couple of options to choose from. This will boost their confidence and will enable them to level up.


Every employee is different. You cannot gauge each and everyone with the same framework. Hold individual performance reviews, speak personally with them about their progress and encourage them to analyze their strengths and weakness.


Organizations that compensate employees well see excellent growth. There is no denying that a decent pay prevents top talent from fleeing. Google is the best example. Pay based on work quality rather than gender or race. You can always couple an employee’s performance to some extra rewards or compensation.


Regular communication with your employees is certainly important. Become more acquainted with how they are performing and inform them of the updates with respect to the organization. Compliment them for their endeavors and give them positive remarks amid their flaws.

Afford them the right to raise their voice over concerns they face. Discuss individually. In the case of any conflicts, make sure to solve it at the earliest with a proper mediator.

Never take your employees for granted. Take care of them and you will get better insights, and they will take care of your customers.

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