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The digital marketing industry has grown into a $460 billion dollar industry with an annual compound growth rate fixed at 9% ever since its inception and with brands and businesses aggressively investing more of their marketing spend into digital marketing, it is expected to increase furthermore in the coming years. But why is there a sudden spike in demand for digital marketing?

What provoked the spike?

Ever since the pandemic, businesses/brands were forced to move business to the digital realm and had to rely solely on digital marketing to drive revenue. With digital marketing being conventionally more cost-effective than traditional marketing and gained faster results, businesses/brands started extensively adopting digital marketing.

Some big brands and businesses were profitable even through the pandemic thanks to digital marketing. But does all this imply that if you implement digital marketing, you can run a profitable business?

Strategy is all that matters!

It completely depends on the strategy that you implement. Just like every business or product, every digital marketing strategy implemented needs to cater to the exact marketing requirements of the business and not work on a general model. Apart from the strategy, the implementation will also play a significant role.

As much as it is enticing to implement and save costs without consulting with the experts, your digital marketing strategy can quickly become a money-draining machine if not fabricated properly taking the key highlights into consideration. Therefore it is always wise to have a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals like the team at GrowYourTraction to help you and your business plan, design, and implement the perfect digital marketing strategy.

The GrowYourTraction Team:

GrowYourTraction is a result-driven digital marketing and PR services agency led by Sachin Negi (Founder). Sachin started GrowYourTraction after years of cumulative experience and expertise working with big brands and businesses on their digital marketing strategies. GrowYourTraction is the brainchild of Sachin and has been one of the leading digital marketing and PR services agencies that are available on the market.


GYT is associated with some of the big names in the content marketing industry. They have published 100+ articles on websites like Yahoo Finance, USA Today, Forbes, etc. giving your brand or business exposure to a much wider audience.

Modus Operandi:

The best part about GYT is that they do not start with all digital streams for marketing and the selection of streams will entirely depend on the current market position of your business. They offer a wide range of options to choose from giving the business and GYT enough flexibility to implement the right strategy commonly agreed upon by all. With expertise in working with more than 800 projects, GYT knows what works best according to the type and needs of the business.


GYT offers Public relations solutions that are custom-tailored and designed to suit your specific PR needs. They also deal with web development and website design combined with content and social media marketing giving their customers a one-stop solution for all their marketing needs.

Why you should be choosing GYT?

With effective strategies, an amazing team, and an ethics-driven approach, GYT has transformed the digital marketing space for all their clients helping them increase their revenues and create a strong digital portfolio accelerating sales. The core vision for GYT has been to ensure that every strategy designed plays to the strengths of the brand and it is with no doubt the same can happen for you!

Head to their website today to get started on your consultation call with the amazing team at GYT!

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