H1T1’s Media Growth Strategy Is Earning Him Worldwide Notoriety

Best known as H1T1 online, John Casterline has mastered the art and psychology behind creating viral content. Known for his unique and interactive content, the 17 year old from Florida has built a TkTok audience of over 2.5 million followers within a year’s time. 

Casterline has been a large proponent of social media since the age of 12. By March of 2020 when the quarantine season started, he was convinced that TikTok would explode into the most prevalent media platform. Without hesitation, he began sharing funny, short, and interactive videos that eventually generated billions of views and millions of followers.

Casterline’s recent pioneering came from a major ad campaign alongside popular fast food chain Arby’s, when he made a viral video that eventually turned into a nationwide marketing campaign alongside a billion dollar company. 

Casterline’s campaign was innovative, and put a spin on marketing that TikTok hadn’t seen in the previous months. In a video which has now garnered over 17 million views, he posted a short clip in front of an official Arby’s restaurant menu, claiming “someone really just sold me a flat screen tv for $25. I go home and hook it up and an Arby’s menu pops up”

The video eventually snowballed into a multi-part saga of Arby’s related theatrics, and was the main motive behind their new Missing Menu Meal. 

Beyond that, he’s well known for buying a billboard which displayed nothing but the letter “h” with the musicians known as PARTY SHIRT. This bizarre stunt attracted the curiosity of millions, and played a key role in the promotion of PARTY SHIRT’s music. Similarly, it garnered worldwide attention towards Casterline’s TikTok, as his marketing genius and “go big or go home” mentality caught the public’s eye.

Casterline’s love for social media hasn’t limited itself to just his pages. “I love to help influencers manage their brands,” Casterline explains. “Running a major social media account is just like running a business, and many of these young online personalities don’t realize this, which leads to them being taken advantage of. Because I have experience working with large audiences and major brands, I can help other influencers steer themselves in the right direction while they grow their online presence.”

One of Casterline’s unique attributes that has contributed greatly to his current success is his low level of contentment when it comes to personal output. Not easily satisfied, he’s constantly driven to do more for his audience. Casterline believes that this is the common mistake among social media creators today: they easily settle. For many, to reach one million followers is to reach the pinnacle of their journey. For Casterline, it’s just a new beginning.  

You can learn more about John Casterline by visiting his website. If you’re interested, follow him on TikTok and Instagram for updates on his latest projects!


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