HAVAH: The Sustainable Activewear Brand With a Lifetime Warranty

You’ve heard it before—lifetime warranty for your car, your coffee machine, your computer. But have you ever heard of a lifetime warranty for your activewear? 

HAVAH is the world’s first brand that provides lifetime product warranty for athletic apparel. Most brands that offer dance apparel have limited stretch and limited comfort. Made specifically for dancers, HAVAH makes products with a 4-way stretch second-skin fabric for optimal comfort while dancing. But they’re more than just for dancing—whether you are an athlete, yogi or you simply want to wear clothing that is comfortable to lounge in, HAVAH has provided apparel with that highly desirable second skin feeling. 

Their versatility makes it perfect for any sports activity that requires maximum movement and comfort. The apparel has been designed for the freedom to move. They are squat-proof, split-proof, and never see-through due to the high quality 4-way stretch material. HAVAH is designed for the modern dancer who goes from the dance studio to her everyday life without having to change outfits.

HAVAH’s main purpose is to grow and spread the knowledge and practice of dancing. They must be doing something right because they already have a group of Latin dance champions and even a World bachata champion and European salsa champion as ambassadors to promote their brand.  

HAVAH prides itself on designing sustainable activewear. These pieces are well suited for movement and built to last a long, long time. The company offers a lifetime product warranty. What this does is, it ensures products are returned to them so they can be recycled. With the products being handmade, this allows the brand to avoid problems like overproduction and textile waste. Its commitment to sustainability puts the start-up in the spotlight with no other athletic brand daring to back their product in such a bold way.

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