Hbar News Launches for Hedera Hashgraph Audience

Hbar news

Within the cryptocurrency space it is safe to say that one coin has seemed to gain a lot of press in recent months. This coin is Hbar by Hedera Hashgraph. From huge names on their governing council, low transaction cost and a carbon negative footprint with many other benefits to boot.

With all the news and rumors floating about cyberspace, new followers and retail investors were having a difficult time following the news and updates and needed a central place to follow the decentralized network.

Enter Hbar News, Peter Uliano, the founder of Hbar news and former founder of Gomint (the first NFT marketplace on Hedera) saw a need and found a hole to fill with the launch of the site and it seems to be gaining significant traction. Hbar news has already had interviews with Christian Hasker, the current CMO of Hedera Hashgraph and as of writing this Hedera tweeted about an interview with Chief Scientist and Inventor of the algorithm Dr. Leemon Baird that was conducted by Peter from Hbar News.

A quick glance at the site will show you many articles ranging from Hbar’s place in a bear market to content about the metaverse and even “Simulation theory” A look at Hbar News’ Official Twitter @hbardotnews shows that they have been added to the Google news feed and even have an app. which they say should be live soon.

I reached out to Peter Uliano on his official twitter through via direct message and asked about his plans for the site and got the following quote: 

“I aim to grow Hbar News to be the number one trusted source for information, news and entertainment regarding Hedera and Hbar. I am trying to raise money to improve the site, add more features and implement more use cases as I did with AdsDax

He also stated that he wants to bring on staff writers and even has plans for staff with NFC press passes that can be scanned to show a NFT of the press credentials for staff writers on the site. He said he will be using another project to implement this initiative.

“It’s my goal not to just show the substance but also show the use cases and projects in action. Sort of a showcase so you not only read the news but you see Hedera in action” 

Speaking of Hedera related news, again as I am writing this; it seems gaming giant Ubisoft has joined the Hedera governing council. This just goes to show that a site like Hbar News is not only needed but wanted and well received in this space.

I would like to invite you all to visit hbar.news and help support the project, as for Hedera it is still early and I can see Hbar News becoming the go to website for all the Hedera related news in the future.

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