Here’s How Adam Petrilli is Upending Reputation Management Industry

In our current digital age, businesses live and die at the hands of their internet reputation. Adam Petrilli—CEO of the highly lauded Digital Reputation Management firm NetReputation—is very aware of that fact, emblazoning his homepage with a succinct quote that sums up the current state of affairs, “we live in a world which now defines us and our business by what is found online.”

Having an awareness of the current business environment and the mentality of consumers is important, but it would be nothing without Petrilli’s business acumen and drive. The Florida native has built his firm, NetReputation, into one of the most trusted names in its industry while earning some major praise along the way. Markets Insider directly credits his company’s success to his “aggressive commitment to growth and engagement.” 

Were it not for his vision and his drive, NetReputation would not have earned a spot on The INC 5000 List, a collection of companies who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Their 2020 list has NetReputation listed as the 1,674th fastest growing company nationally and the 67th regionally (FL), after previously having NetReputation listed nationally as the 208th fastest-growing independent business in 2019. 

Speaking on the back-to-back recognition by INC, Petrilli said, “It is both humbling and motivating to be named on the Inc. 5000 list two years running. This is the kind of honor that pushes companies to do even better in the coming year. I, for one, am already looking forward to announcing our third year on this list – and to the initiatives and growth strategies, we’re putting into place as a company to ensure that happens. The competition gets fiercer every year, but Net Reputation is ready and excited to rise to that challenge.”

That statement is not only a testament to Petrilli’s tact and humility, but it also speaks to the drive that Markets Insider so aptly highlighted. 

In the context of its own industry, NetReputation was recognized by Newsweek as the Best Reputation Management Company of 2020. So, even though growth might have slowed down during the pandemic, the effectiveness of the firm’s work is only increasing. 

Online reputation management requires a multi-faceted approach that NetReputation has finetuned, earning them an “excellent” rating on Trustpilot. Not only does Petrilli and his team analyze a client’s specific needs and develop a personalized plan to improve said client’s web presence, but they also do so on an ongoing basis. 

The internet is a constantly shifting landscape, and as such, an impressive online reputation requires consistent maintenance. So once NetReputation analyzes a client’s needs and creates a gameplan, the NetReputation team begins working on scrubbing the internet of false, toxic, and/or negative content. 

Once they have created a clean slate for a client, they utilize their expertise in social media management and publicity to put out “well-produced content on high-authority, third-party sites.” That push includes long-form content, scholarly articles, and press releases, as well as the expected content of social media posts and blog posts on a client’s own platforms. 

These content pushes are not done all at once but are strategically released to develop a positive online reputation for a client in order to create a lasting effect. NetReputation stresses on their website that “online reputation management is a long game, a painstaking process marked by victories both large and small” and it is that attention to detail and patience that earned the company recognition as the world’s leading online reputation management company. 

It is Petrilli’s deep understanding of the online reputation management process that has allowed him and his team to build NetReputation’s legacy into what it is. Petrilli has been a featured speaker at many internet marketing conferences and seminars, offering his insight at events like ClickZ Live, SMX, SXSW, Frost & Sullivan, AD:TECH, Pubcon, and the Direct Marketing Association.

With Petrilli’s leadership, drive, and skillset, the Daytona Beach, FL native was able to build an online reputation management firm in Sarasota, FL from the ground up and into one of the biggest players in the game. His hard work has allowed him to create a company that has been nationally recognized several times over from a town in Florida that most Silicon Valley residents would have trouble placing, a fact that is yet another testament to the importance of a strong online reputation. 

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