Here’s How You Can Use The CycloTurtle NFTs And Keep A Track Of It

The CycloTurtles are the latest forms of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and they have changed everything! Team NotEssential has created one of the most adventurous and motivational NFT options for online gamers everywhere.

Virtual currency can be used by people from all over the globe. The owner of this currency will be able to use the NFT as a CycloTurtle in the metaverse and the future Online Game created by team NotEssential .

CycloTurtles is the entry ticket to the Cycloverse. The Cycloverse is a part of the Metaverse. It refers to a shared virtual experience where land, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency. The future phases in the Cycloverse roadmap will allow the owner of the virtual currency to join this Metaverse using their own assets.

Once you have minted the NFT, simply connect to your OpenSea account to view them. So far, all CycloTurtles have been minted. The next portal is surging with energy and ready to open.

The CycloTurtles will drop online on December 20, 2021, and everyone is beyond excited about the drop. You can learn more about them right here and make the best choice for yourself today itself.

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