Here’s Why Marcus Patterson is More than Just an Ace Sportsman

In our vast world today, sports has become a rapid-growing industry which most people regard as a form of entertainment in their daily lives. People enjoy watching and playing sports as they wish to pursue their dreams in becoming a famous sportsperson one day. But little do people know about the struggle that lies behind. Enthusiastic sportspeople must persevere with full determination and concentration in excelling in their performance. A sportsperson brings many benefits to one’s life as an individual. They are able to reap special rewards, a countless sum of income, popularity amongst their fans, living an exclusive lifestyle, and the ability to give training methods to inspiring athletes in the field.

An athlete, a philanthropist, and a humanitarian who is a great supporter of children and people suffering from mental health illnesses is Marcus Patterson. Having an excellent reputation and being an ace player, Patterson signed with Portimonense SC, a team in Portugal’s I Divisão de Basquetebol. In his first full season professionally, Marcus was 3rd in the league, scoring 21.7 points per game, and 11th in rebounds with 9.1 points per game. To top off a stellar rookie campaign, Patterson was named All Portuguese 1st Division 2nd Team and All Portuguese All-Import Team. He also secured 7th rank in MVP voting in the league during his first professional basketball season which in itself is a record.

Marcus used HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) which was a stepping stone in life as he started schooling at Russel Sage College which led to London, paving way for Portimonense and now Queluz. Despite being doubted by coaches, scouts, and teams Marcus never faltered and always proved his passion for the sport and his team. Marcus always motivates a person towards his needs, drives, and goals. He recognizes a person’s talent and motivates them to achieve their vision. Marcus is a true inspiration and has inspired a number of children. He also provides thorough mentorship to help students transition from high school to college.

Patterson truly devoted himself to improving the quality of life of those in need. He has provided shelter and medical facilities, to those less fortunate. He’s also dedicated to increasing mental health awareness and teaching others to deal with mental stress in their day to day lives. Patterson is the go-to whenever a mentally suffering individual needs some assistance.

In the modern world, when disaster and poverty arise, there is almost an immediate outcry for humanitarian aid. Here’s where Patterson’s role comes in play. Maintaining athletic discipline, a stable mental state, and a healthy lifestyle has been his utmost focus. He has that determination to deliver the best of the best. With the same thought, Patterson believes in passing on his thoughts to those who are in deepest needs. He changed the way people live their lives. His charitable work has saved lives across the globe.

With his leadership skills, Patterson managed to get his team to the top. He’s truly a complete reliable sportsman and a gentleman to look up to. He has made his way into the hearts of people and is one of the most beloved sportspeople globally. He always believes that with a little push, one can be motivated to improve their mental status and realign their focus.

Patterson is a charitable giver to worthy causes on a large scale. He is, in fact, more than just a charitable donor. It is an effort he undertakes based on an altruistic desire to improve human welfare which is commendable. When asked on how he found his purpose, Marcus stated, “Kids from my community and the same background as me face people doubting them during their college years and life in general. They’ll doubt themselves at points, too. I want to encourage them to bet on themselves and to work to make it happen and prove people wrong.”

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