Heroes of Mavia – Blockchain Strategy Game

The gaming world has undergone a lot of changes over the years. And now it’s the time for a revolutionary change to kick in. In the Heroes of Mavia game, players can play & win real cryptocurrency rewards.

Inspired by the likes of Clash of Clans and Axle Infinity, this game is an improvement on game fiction. The game is structured to reward players who successfully manage their base, defend it from enemy attacks and trade their resources in the marketplace with either the Ruby or Mavia token.  

The game is set on the visually appealing island of Mavia; a location believed to have emerged from an underwater eruption and readied for the ultimate player experience.. One of the perks of the game is the “land reveals” where players get to explore the island in a bid for more base. This element contributes to the complexity and unpredictability of the game as players go through several hurdles in their attempt to secure bases and land ownership.

Heroes of Mavia contains powerful graphics and a superb twist that elevates it from the routine video games littering the online space. 

Mavia Ecosystem: A New World

Ruby and Mavia are the primary crypto tokens of Mavia Ecosystem. Ruby functions as an internal reward system while Mavia is generated outside the game in the marketplace where players can trade their bases, heroes, or partner with other players who can not afford a base.

The dev team also plans to introduce extra features in subsequent versions of the game. There will be “wagered games” where players can pitch their best against the opponents in a bid to win. There are also plans to include “leagues” and “championships”.

The game is fully decentralized, meaning that players can use a different wallet authorized to play on a different device. There is also a provision for multilingual mode to ensure players from different cultural backgrounds can join. 

 As a base commander, players should build up vehicle, infantry, and air units to attack enemy bases for RUBY while protecting their resources with walls, towers, traps, and decoysPlayers are required to build, buy or rent a base for their operations.

As a reward, players will get important in-game resources; oil, Gold, and Ruby. Ruby is one of the two important tokens in the Mavia ecosystem. You need Ruby to purchase gold, oil and to process speed up which leads to faster winning. These rewards can be reaped after a successful attack; when defending their base and holding off enemies with at least 30% damage or less or while inspecting their base.  

The overall objective of the game is not just to win rewards but also to grow your earning. This is why it is important to reinvest your rewards in the game. Ruby is essential to upgrading your NFTs, purchasing additional decorative skins for your special troops called heroes, and for advancing in the game.

Meet the NFTS: Base, Hero, and, Statue

There are three NFTS in heroes of mavia that can be sold in the marketplace using only the MAVIA token. The three NFTs in the Mavia game are made to work harmoniously to ensure the success of players. An understanding of their function will be a great addition to players seeking to navigate the uncertain waters of the game.

Players can also “rent out” their Bases, Heroes, and Statues for passive income to players who can’t purchase the NFTs outright.  

A single player can have multiple bases, just the same way a landlord can have multiple lands. The base headquarters is the driving force behind a base and players get to upgrade it to boost its value. 

A base is allowed to have an unlimited number of heroes. Each hero has a distinctive strength peculiar to them and can be upgraded or interchanged at some point.

Game Timeline

The Mavia game is set to launch in the second quarter of 2022. It will be available on desktop web and mobile devices. More information on the game can be found on the official website of the Skrice group or Mavia social media handles.

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