Heroes of Mavia Global Launch

We met up with Groth from Heroes of Mavia to get the deets on what’s next for this highly anticipated blockchain Game. Groth owned and operated a web2 marketing firm for over a decade that he pivoted to web3 during the last bull run. With a passion for gaming, and a professional esports background, the play to earn phenomena piqued his interest. He saw what the technology could do for the gaming industry and Blu Ocean Games Guild was born. 

Early on the concept of being able to pay people a salary to play videogames was exactly the direction he wanted to head in. His company started to meet with developers and industry leaders, and they provided their guild members with a flat salary in order to onboard more web2 gamers. They have people being paid to play games, but also availability for anyone to come in with their own assets to find scholars. 

He eventually found Heroes of Mavia and was quickly brought on as an Advisor. Mavia developed a Mavia Elite program where players could create and submit art, videos and memes and to collect points and whitelists for land and skins. They also added a feedback system that really helped development eventually growing to a point where everyone that owned a land NFT was able to access the game. Just two months ago they decided to open a waitlist for everyone, land holder or not, and within a few weeks they had 345K people on the waitlist. 

This was partially due to their release of their ‘mass ownership model’ designed to bridge web2 and web3. With Apple App store approval already finished, they are ready to attack the mobile market. Users can be a free to play player anywhere in the world and use Apple Pay or maybe Google pay to buy skins, land decorations, statues, and legendary consumables. If a web3 holder owned the asset, when the new player buys with a credit card, on the back end it will be converted into ETH and transferred to the web3 holder. The web2 user has no idea that a transaction just occurred on chain. They are truly bridging the gap. 

The stats report that the amount of player retention and time spent in play is very promising for Heroes of Mavia. Their cost per player acquisition is also well below industry standards. Not only do they have 3D renderings on a mobile game, but they offer blockchain features that offer less friction when it comes to trading assets. But with Mavia, they have real money, skill-based gaming that is Apple compliant, and a fun game that is stream worthy making it a good home for esports clients. 

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The game will be free to play on Apple and the assets won’t give an advantage on game play so free players can still compete with those that own assets. The advantage of owning assets is the player will earn RUBY at a much higher rate than a free player. Ruby is the in-game currency that is not an on-chain asset.

Heroes of Mavia is aiming for 1.5M users on their global launch and TGE which is slated to happen soon. The game is built by Skrice Studios and Groth said there are some partners that will be announced soon that will turn heads. 

Heroes of Mavia is a AAA blockchain base builder game. Players build their base, manage resources, train troops, and legendary heroes go out and raid enemy bases for loot to build and progress their own base. It is simple to play but difficult to master making for long term enjoyment for any gamer. During the seasons they’re going to have tournaments, events, prize pools, lots of streaming events, so there will always be something new. 

There are a lot of announcements coming up so stay up to date by following Heroes of Mavia on X. 


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