HODL Assets’ GalaxE Platform Founders Are Using NFTs, Web3 Social, and the Metaverse to Pave the Way to a Safer, Simpler, More Egalitarian Internet

When you have an idea whose time has come, and the right people with the right skills and experience to implement it, you have a winning combination that can make innovation happen. And that’s exactly what the three co-founders of GalaxE by HODL have going for them.

The idea? The GalaxE social NFT aggregator platform and marketplace — the first cross-blockchain marketplace of its kind to enter the space.

The people? Lenny SC, AJ Bosch, and Jenny Q. Ta, a trio of tech innovators and visionaries — each with their own impressive background — who recently joined forces, exponentially increasing their impact as they work together to help shape the future of the Metaverse.

Collaborating with one another on the GalaxE platform literally from three different continents (Asia, Africa, and North America, respectively), the trio itself embodies the power and potential of blockchain technology to bring every corner of the globe together in perhaps the most impactful way since the development of the WorldWide Web.

Original HODL Assets, Inc. co-founders Lenny and AJ had a vision to make the world a better place by making blockchain more accessible to more people around the world. The two recognized the vast potential of this decentralized technology to revolutionize the modern world, improving the lives of people in every walk of life, most of whom were currently clueless as to the immense impact blockchain could exert in so many realms of their existence.

The rationale, according to Lenny (HODL’s CEO): “I, too, was once unaware of the value that blockchain would ultimately come to have, so I get it. In fact, my failure to adequately invest in the early days of blockchain is something I’ll always regret, but it was all a part of my education that has brought me to where I am today. The more I studied the blockchain concept, the more I realized that it could change everything — and not just in a single area of life, but, pretty much across the board.”

Some of the areas where the decentralization of blockchain technology can have the greatest impact, according to the three HODL-GalaxE co-founders, are privacy, security, simplification, and control. Protection of intellectual property and preservation of the ability of creatives to profit financially from their own work are others.

As AJ (HODL’s CTO) points out, “The technology can be used to keep people’s information safe, protecting it from exploitation by mega corporations that sell it to the highest bidder, and can even protect people from the financial devastation of identity theft.” He goes on: “It can allow individuals to control their own online footprint, deciding which details they choose to make public. It can secure assets, protecting them from the whims of centralized financial institutions and overzealous government regulators. And equally importantly, it can restore the ability of creators of art, music, and other intellectual works to generate income from their intellectual property, via NFTs, even to the point of receiving royalties when their work is re-sold.”

For all of the above reasons — and others too numerous to mention here — HODL’s co-founders set out to remedy the almost universal ignorance of the power of blockchain technology to transform people’s lives.

When Lenny and AJ acquired Jenny’s decentralized CoinLinked social commerce platform last year and invited Jenny on board as COO based on the two companies’ converging visions, they cemented a growing bond that had originally started with the synchronistic online meeting of Lenny and Jenny following a Twitter Space Q&A with Lenny. Ever since the team-up, that three-way partnership has been creating an almost other-worldly synergy between the three co-founders as they continuously build and improve the All-In-One NFT Social Metaverse that is GalaxE by HODL.

Says Jenny (HODL’s COO), “We are thoroughly invested — and equally excited — about bringing the incredible, unprecedented capabilities of the cross-blockchain, GalaxE platform, which is the first to offer embedded social media, and putting the power of our All-In-One NFT Social Metaverse into the hands of the average person.”

As a result of the trio’s vision, innovation, persistence, and hard work, the world is in the process of becoming a better, safer, and more financially secure place for people around the world who are game to try the GalaxE by HODL platform that these insightful tech innovators have built.

Find out more about GalaxE by HODL by visiting the https://galaxe.io/ website.

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