Holistic Wealth in 2021: Deconstructing the Social Concept of Financial Success as True Wealth

One particularly questionable trend in life is how most people seem to spend the entirety of their adult years chasing money, hustling, trying to make ends meet, and when it’s finally time to relax and enjoy their hard work, they are either too old, too weak, or no more.

Extreme economic conditions have left most people with no choice but to work harder than is normal for the human body – without attempting to take care of it and revitalize at intervals. For many, self-care is an illusion. Spending time with one’s family is a luxury some people believe they can’t afford, and in the end, with fat bank accounts, a ledger full of properties, a garage full of exotic cars, they are miserably lacking in every other aspect of life.

As a solution to this unhealthy trend, the age-long concept of holistic wealth has begun to gain more attention in recent times. Holistic wealth simply refers to abundance in the most important aspects of a person’s life – financially, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

The hustle shouldn’t be solely focused on stacking racks in the bank account. Do you follow an exercise routine, a healthy diet, or at least, sleep sufficiently? How well are your relationships with family and friends thriving? Do you purge toxicity from your emotional space? Do you pay attention to your spirituality through any methods? If the answers to these questions are negative, then there’s still a lot of work to be done before you can consider yourself truly wealthy.

According to American entrepreneur and holistic wealth strategist, Leah Steele, humans are conditioned and programmed from birth to pursue financial wealth and be happily depraved in every other aspect of life.

We’re taught that society operates in a certain way and that those who fall out of line deserve to be outcasts,” says Leah, the founder, and CEO of The Leah Steele Brand. “We’re told to study hard, get good grades and go to university, even if it means taking on a student loan and getting into serious debt. We’re told that this is the way we can go on to get a ‘good job’, one that will ultimately see us working a 40-hour week and will see us go home emotionally drained and physically exhausted. We’re conditioned to be grateful for a 9-5 existence, and to be thankful for the opportunity to trade away our time for money.”

As Leah explains, this is a form of natural manipulation that most people are nurtured to accept as the only valid choice. In reality, it’s never too late to realize that you could break away from the social chains restricting intrapersonal freedom.

Create the change you desire

Photo credit: Leah Steele, with permission.

Leah’s main life goal is to actively help as many women as possible to accept the natural right to be wealthy in every aspect of their lives. Popularly known as The Wealth Witch across social media, Leah explains that she is on a mission to “inspire, guide and empower millions of women to rediscover their soul’s purpose and step fully into wildly profitable purpose work.”

She focuses specifically on women due to the age-long financial divide between both genders across nearly every industry.

 “Women must own their ability to acquire and accumulate wealth,” Leah said “I was programmed by society to play small. But to create a freedom lifestyle, I had to step into my true authentic self and be willing to embrace all the parts of me that people told me were too much.” 

As Leah explains, the first step to deconstructing the current financial paradigm is to accept that a lot of the conditioning we received as kids and young people was rooted in falsehood. Humans are deserving of so much more and are naturally able to reach far for these desires, but we are limited and boxed into mental spaces where all we seek is money.

“Financial slavery consciousness is the programming and conditioning that is enforced through fear and manipulation, generation after generation that keeps the collective operating as compliant commodities to serve a greater global financial agenda,” says Leah.

The next step is to form a habit of practicing daily wealth consciousness.

A daily wealth consciousness practice is a moment in which we question our long-held beliefs around wealth, abundance, and implicit programming,” she explains.

Also, the unlearning process does not have a finish line. There is no final destination for reprogramming your impression of wealth. It becomes a lifestyle, made more sustainable by the inclusive effect of a community and a dedicated mentor.

“We’re more than capable of shifting the baggage and programming out of our lives by ourselves,” Leah says, “However, receiving guidance from a mentor can help you get there faster. Your soul already has all of the answers within, so mentorship does not serve to provide an answer sheet or walkthrough in life.”

To recondition your life, you must start by asking the right questions that challenge everything you’ve believed to be true about wealth. Curate the content you consume to align with your new way of thinking, and most importantly, consistently affirm this life-changing truth to yourself.

Leah sets the pace for her community through The Wealth Witch Podcast, offering insight, advice, and practical tools to help people achieve all-around sustainable wealth. She is also the author of the upcoming mantra guide, The Wealth Wisdom Oracle, a 365-page book of true wealth solutions to be read every day of the year in no particular sequence.

In conclusion, you must be available in every aspect of your life to receive abundance when it flows in.

By being in the flow, you allow things to be easy. You trust in the universe, follow its guidance, and make a promise to yourself that you’re available to be wildly financially abundant.

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