HomWork: Allowing Women to Live and Work Differently

Most historians consider the 1848 Seneca Falls Woman’s Rights Convention as the real beginning of the women’s rights movement in the United States. In seventy-three years, women have made great strides regarding career advancement. However, equality in the workplace sadly seems to follow a one-step-forward, two-steps back model—and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly did its part to set women back in 2020.

When it comes to the world of employment, women have always had to advocate for themselves more than men. We don’t have to look back in history to bare witness—a classic case is occurring right now. According to the National Women’s Law Center, women account for 55 percent of the 9.8 million jobs lost since February of 2020. 

The pandemic of 2020 created many disruptions, but none so telling as how it defined women’s roles. Amid the chaos, women were the ones sacrificing their careers to run the household. 

Yet, history shows that women are resilient, and even with the unprecedented job losses they faced in 2020, there is potential for recovery in 2021. Because many factors will play into the recovery, it’s more important now than ever for companies to begin catering to women’s niche needs in business.  

As women try to reclaim their jobs post-pandemic, ‘business as usual’ must address the problem of inflexible work schedules and make them more caregiver-friendly. Entrepreneur Desiree Doubrox identified the discrepancy in the roles of men and women during this crisis and created a solution—HomWork

HomWork allows women to find the balance between work and home responsibilities by providing a space to co-work and co-live. HomWork—a community of like-minded women of all ages, cultures, and industries—also provides support for those who struggle with similar career issues. Having a community of support allows women to have a career and fulfill family responsibilities without sacrificing one for the other.

HomWork provides access to luxury homes and designer live-work suites for professionals and entrepreneurs to live full-time, part-time, or drop-in as needed. HomWork’s affordable co-living/co-working spaces provide professionals with space for events, offices, classrooms, exercise, and media studio-space with greenscreen and equipment. 

HomWork aims to provide the support and empowerment many working women sacrificed during the pandemic. Strengthening women’s community through collaboration in how they live, work, and share, is an essential step to improve the culture of remote work. Doubrox and HomWork are doing their part by creating positive outcomes for women in the workplace who are now rallying to make-up the two-steps they took backward in 2020.

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