How 27-Year-Old Mike Clum Went From Filming on a $600 Camera to Running a $6M Video Production Company

Getting started on the path of success doesn’t usually require big budgets or handouts. What it does require are vision, ambition, and smarts. 27-year-old Mike Clum, the founder of Clum Group, had all three of these when he embarked on his path to the impressive success he enjoys today.

Today, Mike runs Clum Creative, the fastest-growing video production company in the United States. His company employs 30 full time and has a dozen more working as part-time employees or independent contractors. Before 2014, it was a company of one.

It all started with feeling unfulfilled in college while pursuing something that didn’t spark his passion. He remembered back to his senior year in high school when his classmates were making videos to mark their time as seniors upon graduation and he believed he could have done better than what he saw. He even played around with shooting videos on his iPhone before. This gave him the idea to pick up a $600 camera and create a business that combined video production with marketing. The end-result is Clum Creative, under the Clum Group parent company he also established later on.

Mike sold his first video in 2012 to a friend who was looking to make a music video. While the $50 payoff wasn’t much, he would come to sell his first corporate video a year later to a prominent local company for much more. Once Mike was getting enough clients to pay for his general living expenses, he became increasingly motivated to land new clients and scale his business. He enjoyed getting new clients, making them happy, and leveraging the positive experiences they had to get more clients. This process has led to Clum Creative earning over $6 million annually today.

The distinction between Clum Creative and other video production companies is that Mike hired experienced marketers who know what captivates an audience. Grabbing peoples’ attention these days is difficult due to how many things are grasping for it. That is why Mike got the professionals to get on the case. Hiring marketers instead of videographers to create videos ended up being the winning ticket for the company. This approach led to a unique innovation and original content brand by the name of Teddy Baldassarre.

Teddy, a former sales rep at Clum, joined forces with the company’s CEO to build a luxury watch e-commerce brand by his same name, Teddy Baldassarre. Using a familiar face with the same name as the brand that an audience could connect with proved to be more effective in getting people to become fans of the brand. The Teddy Baldassarre YouTube channel now boasts nearly 300K subscribers, and serves 1000s of customer worldwide.

Today, Mike sees the $6 million in annual revenue his company makes and believes he can take things even further. For him, this is only the beginning of something that will revolutionize the video production industry.

You can learn more about Clum Creative by going to the official website. You can learn more about Clum Group by going here. Head over to the Teddy Baldassarre YouTube channel to see luxury content.

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