How A Low-Budget SEO Campaign Can Still Propel Your Digital Brand to Success

Many digital brands or brick-and-mortar stores wishing to make the push into e-commerce face tough decisions on how to allocate small budgets. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), they often do not have access to broad commercial funding opportunities to access large-scale digital marketing campaigns.

However, that should not discourage them from reaching out to marketing agencies and seeking their services on short financial runways.

The results of the 2019 Interactive Marketing Awards (IMAs) should serve as an example of the compelling potential that low-budget SEO marketing campaigns can have on a digital brand’s expansion. Mealthy, the leading electric pressure cooker brand behind Mealthy MultiPot tapped TopHatRank for their SEO campaign in 2018 with a small budget. Mealthy’s lean digital strategy is led by Tiana Dragos and a small team of developers.

Rather than only making a small brand impact, they won both the Best SEO Marketing Campaign and Best Low Budget Campaign among stiff competition on the shortlist at the IMAs. Their success demonstrates the reach of SEO marketing campaigns in an increasingly digital medium, and why your business can have the same success without spending exorbitant amounts.

TopHatRank and Their ROI-Focused Results Come at Reasonable Prices

TopHatRank has established themselves as one of the leaders in interactive digital marketing for enterprises of all sizes. Engaging with proven marketing specialists like TopHatRank is a prudent strategy for SMEs who are looking to get the best ROI with a small budget.

SEO marketing agencies with extensive experience offer more diverse services for their clients at better prices because they deploy a proven formula that is consistently successful. For instance, TopHatRank has a client retention rate of 97 percent, indicating that clients are pleased with the results of their brand’s exposure following working with the company.

TopHatRank works with enterprises of all sizes too, from fully staffed in-house teams for SMEs to large-scale business SEO audit and consulting services.

Evaluating upcoming marketing trends can afford powerful insights to entrepreneurs looking to get their e-commerce business and digital brands off the ground. These strategies are often challenging and time-consuming to implement yourself. Don’t be afraid to follow up with qualified marketing agencies like TopHatRank who have been in the business of granting brands greater exposure since 2009.

Mealthy Becomes Leader in Pressure Cooking Products

The dual award wins at the 2019 IMAs is a prime example of how a product brand with a small budget can make significant headway in only a year. The IMAs are among the most prestigious marketing awards. Mealthy’s extension into the mainstream as a leading electric pressure cooking brand only serves to build upon their brand awareness following their award-winning campaign with TopHatRank.

Thriving SEO campaigns can drive traffic to native mobile applications, conversions of website visitors into buyers, and positive reviews that reconcile well with Google’s search algorithm updates.

Electric pressure cookers are rapidly gaining favor in modern kitchens for their comprehensive functionality and ability to quickly cook gourmet meals. Trending products often coincide with increasing competition, and Mealthy’s ability to wield a strong SEO marketing campaign with TopHatRank propelled them past their competition.

Understanding that your brand may only need some slight traction to grow organically should be reason enough to focus on an SEO marketing campaign.

For SMEs, marketing can be a potent tool when applied correctly. The winning combination of Mealthy and TopHatRank should serve as a reminder that, even with a small budget, your business can reach the next level of brand exposure. So, don’t hesitate to tap into experienced marketing companies with frugal financial resources at hand.

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