Punk #406: How a Piece of Bitcoin’s History Was Sealed


In Ordinals, every inscription tells a story, but none quite like the tale of Punk #406. This enigmatic figure, once missing from the prestigious Punks on Bitcoin collection, sparked intrigue and speculation within the burgeoning Ordinals community at the start of 2023.

As founders competed to inscribe their collections onto the Bitcoin blockchain, rumors swirled in Discord servers about the outcome of the “Punk war.” This clash between the founders of Punks on Bitcoin and Ordinal Punks aimed to determine the first collection on Bitcoin.

The Punk Wars


As Ordinal Punks were being inscribed within the #407-#642 range, Punks On Bitcoin took a different trajectory. Led by their founder, Punktoshi, they initiated their inscriptions after the sub1k range and concluded shortly after. However, it was the events leading up to this culmination that laid the groundwork for the controversy surrounding Punk #406.

In the days preceding the inscription, keen-eyed community members noticed a curious development. Punktoshi began to utilize a slightly altered version of the Punks On Bitcoin cover as their avatar, unknowingly setting the stage for its historic path.

“A well-known user in the Ordinals community, who is also a current holder of one of our Punks, (hash_bender, CEO of Luxor), took the image and inscribed it with inscription number #406 on January 31st,.” the founder of Punks on Bitcoin, Imper1um,  told us. “This was 7 minutes before (two blocks earlier) the inscription of Ordinal Punks.”

The Quest For Redemption

However, when the dust settled and the complete inscription lists emerged, a notable absence plagued the Punks On Bitcoin collection. The Punk that featured so prominently on the cover photo was missing. Inquiries and speculation flooded the community, all met with evasive responses from Punktoshi, further fueling the mystery surrounding #406’s absence. Some responses from Punktoshi even suggested that the inscription was missing because it had been lost.

Undeterred, Imper1um embarked on a quest for redemption. “I reached out to hash_bender to confirm the incident,” Imper1um revealed, “and inquired if he still possessed #406.” Swift confirmation followed, with hash_bender’s willingness to part with the elusive Punk.

With #406 secured, Imper1um and the Punks On Bitcoin community set their sights on rectifying the oversight. Their intention was clear: to integrate #406 into the collection as the third honorary Punk, thus reclaiming its status as the first Punk on Bitcoin.

“This would effectively make Punks On Bitcoin have an inscription range starting from sub1k, rectifying one of Punktoshi’s errors for the benefit of Punks On Bitcoin,” Imper1um explained. Moreover, Imper1um later went on to fully acquire the entire collection from Punktoshi with the view to “propel it among the dominant collections in the Ordinal space.”

The “Special Characters”

The concept of the “third honorary punk” arose because there were two other Punks that had not yet been included in the main Punks On Bitcoin collection, despite being present on the official website.


One was dedicated to Dennis Pourteaux, and the other to Casey Rodarmor, both owned by themselves. Upon contact from Dennis expressing his desire for inclusion, and with the blessing of Casey, Imper1um and the Punks On Bitcoin team made the decision to incorporate these three Punks—#406, Rodarmor, and Dennis—into the collection. With their addition, the collection expanded to 103 pieces, starting from sub1k.

Final Thoughts

The significance of #406’s inclusion cannot be overstated. It not only rectified an oversight but also positioned Punks On Bitcoin as the first collection to feature the inaugural Punk on Bitcoin.

In the annals of Ordinals history, the tale of Punk #406 will endure as a reminder of the community’s resilience and the determination of the new founder who took the reins to steer the ship back on course, upholding the values that define its identity.

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