How a Young Digital Entrepreneur Scaled a 7-Figure Online Business From His Bedroom in Just 18 Months

Social media marketing has become one of the fastest-growing trends in modern-day marketing. What started as platforms for people to simply express themselves and connect globally is today an important aspect of brand creation, brand awareness, and brand visibility. With this knowledge, a lot of people have tried to develop ways to earn an income from social media marketing. One of those who have successfully done so is 28-year-old Ryan White.

Ryan White is the founder of Social Revelation, a social media marketing company that is globally recognized for helping brands increase their social media influence and stamp an authoritative digital footprint. Ryan began toying with the idea of Social Revelation in his bedroom. 18 months later, it has scaled to a 7-figure online business. Before we get to know exactly how he achieved this milestone, let’s get to know the man behind this global brand.

Who is Ryan White?

Ryan White likes to refer to himself as a small-town kid who believed he could become a big shot. He was born and raised in a very small town in Lanier County, Georgia, called Lakeland. His parents were school teachers for over 30 years and made just enough to support the family. These humble beginnings are what awoke the desire for success in Ryan White.

Ryan’s first success in a career was as a private baseball instructor for a top-5 travel program based out of Warner Robins, Georgia. In 5 years, since 2013, he trained thousands of kids across 11 different states in baseball. In those same 5 years, Ryan White was studying social media strategies and running a social media marketing hustle on the side. As a promoter, Ryan would grow pages up to between 50,000 to 100,000 followers for a few thousand dollars every month. He however still felt he was not exploiting his full potential, so he decided to make a change.

The Journey to Becoming a 7-Figure Digital Entrepreneur

In search of how to unleash his full potential, Ryan White closed down his social media marketing side hustle and sold his pages for a few thousand US dollars. 6 months into brainstorming, Ryan had developed a social media marketing concept that he believed would transform social media influencing. He got back on social media, more specifically Instagram, and decided to focus on his personal account to test out his concept. It was a boom. His followers grew from 1,300 to 212,000 in just a few months, experiencing a growth rate of between 10,000-30,000 new followers monthly. Ryan tested his concept on his friend’s pages and various pages with diverse backgrounds and the result was the same, spiraling growth.

In March 2017, while working full time as a private baseball instructor, Ryan launched Social Revelation Marketing. In January 2018, he quit his job to focus on his online business full-time. This was after landing a few businesses as clients and receiving multiple testimonials of how their online sales and website traffic had doubled since his involvement. At this time, his office was his guest bedroom and he had no employees. 6 months into his venture, he broke his first 30,000 US dollars a month. 18 months after the inception of the business, revenue is over 7 figures.

Now, the goal is to understand how to reach this level of success through Instagram, so we asked him what he was able to do in order to grow quickly and effectively.

  • Posting Consistently Over Time Yields Long Term Growth: Even though it sounds like everyone has said it before, the more you’re able to post, the better. Not only is it good for the algorithm but, by strategically posting with the correct hashtags, you are more than likely going to get discovered and if you compound that over long periods of time, your growth will seem exponential.
  • Many people are famous around Instagram but you have to know where you should be famous. The fact is, not everyone is in your niche, nor do you want them to be in your niche. If you look at a lot of entrepreneurs that are famous in the social space, they cross-pollinate with each other. You need to do the same with the entrepreneurs in your niche.
  • Last but not least, use the power of Instagram stories to post contests and engaging videos so that your followers know you’re a real person and not someone just trying to growth hack their stuff on Instagram.

Ryan’s agency specializes in Instagram and Facebook page growth and engagement, Digital press and public relations, Geo-Location and Niche-targeted traffic, Brand Awareness, and Influencer Giveaways. Currently, the company manages the social media strategies of over 500 clients globally, the majority of whom are seven- and eight-figure earners and top influencers in their industry.

The success that Ryan has achieved since the inception of his company proves that he has found his niche in social media influencing. His company has capitalized on successfully helping brands meet their short-term and long-term online marketing goals by increasing their online brand awareness and digital footprint. Other than the founder, Ryan White, Social Revelation has only 2 other part-time employees.

At 28 years old, newly married, and amongst the most influential digital entrepreneurs, Ryan White is finally beginning to feel fulfillment in his career. He believes his startup still has a long way to go, and the success achieved so far is just the beginning.

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