How Absorber Has Found Success In Streaming and Content Creating

Over the last few years, a new market has taken the entertainment industry by storm.

Over the last few years, a new market has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Video game streaming and the rise of mega-popular games such as Fortnite and Minecraft have coincided with creating a new, incredibly lucrative market. 18-year-old Hamzah Saadah, better known as the streamer and content creator Absorber, has found his place among these rising entertainers. He has amassed an audience of over 8,000,000 across platforms, mainly posting gaming videos, and has plans to move into real-life content very soon.

Absorber fell in love with entertaining around the age of seven, playing a traditional Arabic instrument name the “Qanun,” and was immediately inspired by the reactions on people’s faces when he performed. Soon after, he discovered magic. This led him to become a skilled card magician.

Social media and YouTube allowed him to pursue larger audiences, but the exposure was limited and, after a few attempts at posting different content, he switched over to gaming. He says, “that is when everything basically took off. Ever since, I have been posting gaming videos, and I do not regret anything I have done in the past because I probably would not be here today if I did not try out vlogging or the magic video.”

In an interview, Absorber also talked about the success of his content. He states, “As of right now, I upload gaming videos and, more specifically, Fortnite and Minecraft. I just mess around on whatever game I am playing, and people find it very entertaining. I am also really good at any game that I play, so I feel like that has something to do with why people really enjoy my content. I do voice impressions as well, and I love showing that off in my videos as people really love seeing that.”

Finally, Absorber gave some advice to other young entrepreneurs saying, “To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be highly energetic and motivated. You cannot be afraid of failing. You need to fail to succeed, and I think that is the best way to put it. Put your mind to something, and get it done.” Absorber’s end goal is to develop a late-night talk show, and in the next 5-10 years, we will see him well on his way toward achieving it.

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