How Ahmad Yasir Went From Instagram Page Owner to Digital Entrepreneur

Ever since its inception, Instagram has been a viral platform that is amazing for sharing content, especially with the combination of images. As social media platforms began to be more image-focused, a new industry came into being, those of slapstick humour and memes! Creating memes may seem easy but takes excellent observation and wits to create viral meme content. Amidst cut-throat competition, Ahmad Yasir has been able to carve a place of his own using Instagram pages to develop entertaining and humorous content. Though his real-world experiences and observations, Ahmad has been able to create viral content consistently, and this has made his page one of the most followed on the platform. But before he started creating viral pages on Instagram, Ahmad was a simpleton with a drive and passion for making it big!
Before he found his salvation in the world of social media, Ahmad was pursuing his Bachelors in biology and was a committed student. Having moved from the Middle East to the USA for his education, he was always focused on his education and was driven not just to get a degree but also make a name for himself. Wanting to escape mundane life and be financially independent, Ahmad began to explore several opportunities to help him follow his entrepreneurial passions. He made contacts with those who had already done a successful business and got a real-world understanding of how things work.
With this passion and learning of the world around him, he began his journey as a content creator on Instagram. Ahmad’s content was fresh, entertaining, and unique, bringing his perspective and observations through quirky memes and humour. Instagram soon became a breakthrough career platform for him as he kept on increasing his fan base and slowly grew his pages to be massive hits. Today, his pages ‘Reactions’ and ‘Ghetto’ have a loyal fanbase of 5 million and 2.7 million respectively. Not just that, his eye-catching content also had him collaborate with the biggest names like PUBG, Fashion Nova and others, to name a few.
Ahmad now creates advertisement campaigns and manages social media pages for several well-known companies, and has moved on to master his skills on several platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and now Tik Tok. His success on Instagram and other platforms has all to do with passionate storytelling, and he believes that a well-strategized approach doesn’t work. The audiences appreciate content that is from the heart, and that is hard to do when creating a strategized content. His passion and consistency soon paid off, and he started getting offers for creating viral content and manage advertisements for other brands. He was tasked with managing the campaign for Fashion Nova, a brand worn by athletes, actors, and artists. But his favourite type of content is one for gaming, and it is no wonder that PUBG noticed his talent and reached out for collaboration for their ads on Instagram.
Ahmad has also collaborated with other brands to help them gain strong ROI on their social media marketing as well as sales conversions through an engagement methodology that he has fine-tuned personally. To other entrepreneurs and those passionate about digital marketing, Ahmad has straightforward tips. Be genuinely passionate about sharing content online and enjoy the process. Likes and fanbase is all an aftereffect, and the good content will get viral through strong networking and word of mouth. Hard work and a combination of passion are all that it takes!
Ahmad’s story truly embodies how finding your passion and believing in one’s talents can lead to success. He always seeks opportunities to grow and learn new skills, which is essential for any professional and entrepreneur. So if you are looking for some inspiration, follow Ahmad on his personal Instagram account, ‘@Amad’.

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