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How Ashworth Barnes Runs a Custom Car Business During the Pandemic

While the pandemic has had an adverse impact on everyone, some businesses are not only surviving but thriving. This includes Ashworth Barnes and 713 Motoring.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in some way, shape, or form. Numerous small businesses are trying to figure out how to keep their revenue streams up as record numbers of people file for unemployment. Even though some parts of the country are reopening, the virus is going to be with us until there is an effective vaccine. This has forced small businesses to find ways to adapt and Ashworth Barnes has done exactly that.

His business, 713 Motoring, has been listed as one of the top custom car shops in the country. Complex Magazine listed it as one of the top 20 back in 2013. While 713 Motoring and Barnes look like a success today, this success has not come without a significant amount of hard work. It wasn’t always the thriving success it is today, and Barnes has leveraged numerous business skills to make sure that 713 Motoring continues to set the standard in the industry.

Barnes is from the southern side of Houston, Texas. He was raised by a single mother, whom he credits for making him the man that he is today. Of course, she did not do it alone, as his grandparents and numerous other relatives lent a helping hand. Despite all of this attention, staying out of trouble was not always easy for Barnes. Sometimes, he found himself getting into a bit of trouble and his punishments not only taught him discipline but also helped him build the character skills that have made him a successful businessman. Eventually, he was able to channel his energy into sports and other productive outlets. He was so good on the football field that he was even offered a place in the University of Minnesota football team.

Barnes loved playing football in the Big Ten. While he loved every second of his competitive athletics, an injury ended up ending his career prematurely. Therefore, he was forced to find something else to do with his time. While he loved studying criminal justice and English, he decided to pursue his other passion. He had always loved cars but it wasn’t until his football career ended that he decided to channel everything he had into this pursuit.

It took a lot for Barnes to take his hobby and turn it into a job. While he certainly wanted to learn everything he could about cars, he wasn’t sure how long it would take for him to really match the skills of the other professionals in the industry. This is how 713 Motoring was born. He worked day and night to ensure that he could provide the best service to his customers. While he did have some success early, he realized that he would need help if 713 Motoring was truly to become the success he envisioned.

Therefore, Barnes reached out to some of his friends and business partners, recruiting them to help him turn 713 Motoring into a huge success. He specialized in certain areas of the shop that he knew he excelled in, while placing other business partners in other areas of the shop that they knew well. This type of specialization was the key to 713 Motoring becoming the success it is today. While the future of 713 Motoring is still being written, one thing that is certain is that this shop, led by Ashworth Barnes, is sure to be a continued success.


Written by Jacob M

Jacob Maslow chases the thrill of seeing long-lasting, measurable results for clients. Analytical in nature, he loves to work hard and tries topping yesterday’s results.
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