How Automarketers Club With Markuss Hussle’s Leadership is Leading the Digital Marketing Space

In the wake of COVID-19, digital epidemiology rose rapidly. The pandemic crisis seemingly provides a swift glimpse into a future world, in which digitalization has become the core of every interaction, forcing both individuals and organizations to further up the adoption curve almost overnight.

Currently, in this world, digital channels have become the main customer engagement model, and automated processes have become the main driving force of productivity and the foundation of a transparent, flexible, and stable supply chain. A world in which agile methods of working are essential for meeting seemingly daily changes in customer behaviour.

Digital Marketing Agency ‘Automarketer Club’

Markuss Hussle is one of the most recommended and reliable digital marketers in the UK, known for being the founder of ‘Automarketer Club’. He has built a 6 figure sum in 18 months while running 4 other businesses simultaneously. He is changing the SMMA world and education system within the business scenario.

Markuss’s entrepreneurial spirit began from the land of Latvia where he began selling hand-made cards on which he drew cartoons and sold them to his school friends. While hustling with various other in-grown skills, he failed multiple times. He still kept learning, implementing, and practising Digital Marketing and finally got success and fame all over. ‘Automarketer Club’ is a well-thought-of venture that practically offers a range of services to help individuals build a successful agency.

Some of them include premium Group Coaching, Online Courses, Virtual Assistant Service, Website Plug and Play, Lead Generating Chrome Extensions. This helps budding digital marketing professionals grow with the right coaching and help them run their own Digital Marketing Agency while teaching them how to do it with the help of Automarketers Club’s support hub.

Support Hub Makes Entrepreneurial Journey Easier

People are often confused and asking questions like “how do I start”, “How do I sign my first client”. Most of these questions are often handled by the Support Hub as they have received such queries over and over. This is how Markuss Hussle started Automarketers Club where he curated a social media marketing course where people are guided with proper mentorship on how they can build their digital media agencies efficiently.

The venture started off with a networking call with other like-minded people who were introduced to SMMA. Markuss initiated a social media group for SMMA, and this gave others hope of joining it. Markuss, at this stage of his career, began the journey of mentorship and coaching which helped others on how to build this business and have financial freedom. This hub is a one-stop destination for entrepreneurs who want to build digital marketing empires.

Today, Markuss’s students have made well over £250k combined with their coaching. He shares, ‘My favourite part of my work is hearing my students’ success stories. When someone is really struggling with their business, and they feel lost and are not sure about the next step, I make sure to mentor them on the right path. They, then, take the leap and invest in my education and then boom after only several weeks of my coaching they go onto sign new clients and their business skyrockets. This is indeed a very gratifying journey.’

To get a little guidance & mentorship in the right direction, get in touch with Markuss Hussle and check out his Website.


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