How Black Female Entrepreneur Martine Lacroix Broke Down Barriers in NYC’s Cutthroat Airbnb Market

The real estate industry is indeed a challenging field, especially when attempting to succeed in a market like that of New York City, where competition is as tough as it gets. Martine Lacroix can attest to that. After spending years in the industry, Martine has faced many obstacles as one of the few Black women in the game. Still, she succeeded in turning her ambition into a seven-figure success.

Martine Lacroix was one of the first to see the potential in Airbnb. She saw the need for more welcoming places to address the boom of the tourism market in NYC in 2010. Martine immediately fell in love with the idea of creating a business from the ground up.

Dedicating years of her life in the real estate market of NYC, Marine Lacroix is indeed one of the most well-versed people to ask as she knows the Big Apple like the back of her hand. She started her journey by investing in two NYC apartments over a decade ago, giving them a little transformation, and listing them on Airbnb. Little did she know that those two small investments would later on bring her a seven-figure income. Today, Martine is determined to help others achieve the same thing. As a consultant, she equips her clients with trade secrets that will allow them to maximize their properties.

The short-term rental industry has definitely grown exponentially over the past decade, and Martine Lacroix is proud that she is one of the first proponents of the service in Manhattan. She has welcomed over 4,000 short-term tenants into her Airbnb properties. With her knowledge and expertise, Martine wants nothing more than for others to learn from her and encourage them to also chase after their dreams.

Besides doing what she loves in the real estate field, Martine Lacroix lives her best life traveling the world. “I have always wanted to have a business where I am not location-dependent and can work from anywhere. My digital business makes it possible,” shared the Airbnb expert.

Despite the massive success she has reached, Martine Lacroix emphasized that her journey has not been a walk in the park. For starters, she shared that as a Black woman in the industry dominated by men, she had to prove that she was worthy of being part of the real estate community.

“According to the SBA, Black women are starting businesses more than any other group of people, but Black women’s businesses are also underfunded or self-funded, which doesn’t allow them to thrive. Black people carry more debt, and this is most likely because they do not have a side business that provides multiple streams of income for them,” Martine Lacroix explained. “Because I’m a Black woman, people assume I’m stupid. I always used that to my advantage because they didn’t see me as a threat. I am one of the only Black women who became successful in a very tough field where I was not accepted or welcomed,” she added further.

In the midst of adversities, Martine Lacroix was never one to crumble on the sidelines. Instead, she did everything she could to improve her craft and expand her knowledge.

Asked what her secret to success was, Martine Lacroix said that people should surround themselves with people who will tirelessly cheer for them. She also shared an inspiring quote from one of her favorite personalities, Oprah Winfrey. “The reason I’ve been able to be so financially successful is my focus has never, ever for one minute been money.”

Learn more about Martine Lacroix on her website.

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