How Child Entrepreneurs Are Making Money Online

How Child Entrepreneurs Are Making Money Online

Earning money online is simple, but is it so simple a kid could do it? Tough Nickel suggests that in a few years, almost anyone will be able to earn money online. Kids are already entrenched in the online world, spending hours on social media. However, they’re also learning that it’s an excellent way for them to earn some cash on the side. In this article, we’ll look at some legitimate ways for kids to make money online.

1. Sell Something

Most kids already have a mountain of unused toys just taking up space in their rooms. Instead of throwing them out, they could earn a few bucks by posting them up for sale. You can help your kids by sorting through the stuff, and anything that seems that it’d be great for another kid would qualify for the sales page. You can even help them take quality photos to promote their products, teaching them about the importance of advertising in sales.

2. Play Games

It sounds like a dream job for a kid, doesn’t it? Playtest Cloud notes that indie developers are always looking for people who can test their games and give them concrete feedback on what may need to change. Why not tell your kid about it? They may need to have a little bit of writing skill, but you can just as quickly help them put a report together to hand over to indie game developers. With a bit of luck and some skill, they’ll find an indie studio or lone programmer that would depend on their feedback to develop a better game.

3. Write or Blog

If your kid’s already a decent writer, consider developing a blog around their niche habits. It’s surprising how many people would be willing to register with a site that shows kids doing what they do as a hobby and learning from those experiences. Your kid may not even have to be a writer since video blogging may also be something to look into. Some kids are terrific at a particular genre of game, and following their exploits in such a game might be an excellent way for them to develop a fanbase that they can eventually monetize.

4. Online Research

Before you complain, this isn’t about asking your kids to do homework for their peers. Instead, consider simple research jobs for college kids and scientists. The tasks are unlikely to be complicated, and a kid can earn a decent amount of money in their free time if they’re just bored and want something to do. One of the side effects of this is that they might get interested in what they’re researching.

5. Take Photos and Do Graphic Design

Kids are really good at coming up with fresh, new ideas. They don’t have the millstone of being bombarded with media every day of their lives, and their insight could be worth a lot. You could let them do a simple course in Photoshop, and before you know it, they’d be putting together fancy designs that they can market online to businesses and agencies. All you’d need is virtual kid programs that could teach them the bare minimum so they can grow from there.

Is It Wrong for Kids to Earn?

There’s a taboo about letting kids earn money in Western culture, but it’s a hangup we should avoid. Children will eventually learn the value of money, and entrepreneurs start early understanding how they can make a few bucks to afford new sneakers or a particular game they want.

It teaches self-sufficiency and gives them a chance to make a real impact in the world. What’s more, these activities can be a lot of fun for some kids. Experimenting with these entrepreneurial things can lead to kids realizing what they want to do with their lives. Sometimes, that’s even better than the money they earn.

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