How Clicks Test Improve Gaming Ability Through Measuring Click Speeds

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Through their website, Clicks Test is raising awareness on something that gamers could ignore-click speed. Unlike many, Clicks Test understands the importance of upping your clicking speed to get further in a game. What’s more, Clicks Test wants to help the world apply the concept of clicks per second (CPS) to modern-day gaming.

Clicks Test explains why clicks per second are worth improving. Click-rate (the number of clicks you’re able to make in a second) is a prized skill in the gaming industry. Besides helping you win the game; it also improves your finger agility.

The bottom line is that the more clicks you’re able to make per second, the higher your overall score will be. Clicks Test knows that it takes a lot of time and practice in order to master this skill.

So, they’ve created a solid CPS testing system with gamers in mind. Clicks Test aim is to help people gain and better this unconventional skill that would otherwise be hard to improve.

Find Your Clicking Speed

Every gamer has a set of reflexes that they can test to find out their own clicking speed. The best gamers have the highest clicking speeds, and Clicks Test wants anyone to be able to see, know and improve their own clicking speed. Ingeniously they have multiple tests to help anyone in their quest to find out their clicking speed.

Clicks Test shows everyone that high-clicking speed isn’t solely beneficial for gamers. The Clicks Test website provides individuals with different clicking techniques for use in various online tasks outside of gaming. Clicks Test emphasizes that seconds matter in all Internet-based activities.

They emphasize the role of practice in improving your quick clicking skills. With that in mind, Clicks Test provides various timers, which reset themselves when you push the “refresh” button; meaning that you can practice as long as needed.

Multiple Click Speed Tests

With their in-depth understanding of gaming, Clicks Test explains that it’s harder to get better in CPS tests of longer durations. However, to be successful at solving shorter tests, all that’s needed is regular practice sessions. Clicks Test aims to accommodate everyone and design their click tests accordingly. Hence, they designed five and ten-second click tests as well as sixty-second ones.

Clicks Test wants everyone to feel like they can participate and get somewhere with their click speed. So, the great thing about their shorter tests is that anyone has the opportunity to create an impressive score and break the official world record.

Clicks Test’s Algorithm

Clicks Test combine accuracy and fun thanks to their clever algorithm. They describe the click speed test as the number of clicks on your mouse per second. Clicks Test’s algorithm can accurately measure clicks over a given time frame, which means you know how much to practice.

After the countdown timer runs out, Clicks Test’s algorithm shows the number of clicks achieved. The speed at which you click will have an impact on your score, so the faster you can click, the higher rate of clicks you’ll be able to achieve. In this way, Clicks Test manages to combine skill and fun.

Further, Clicks Test wants to click speed and click testing to be social and community-involved games. As a result, you can challenge other players or play for the record and share your speed on social media.

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