How Founder of Premiumads, Stepan Talabira, Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Slow Down Time

Artificial intelligence is a topic that some parties find controversial.  While some are pushing for more innovations in that avenue, others are more keen about shying away from it citing concerns that more artificial intelligence would lead to a hefty consequence where people would lose their jobs.

However, one entrepreneur, Stepan Talabira, happens to be an artificial intelligence advocate and connoisseur.  He argues that artificial intelligence is the solution to and our best bet for time optimization.  Whereas some tasks took days or more to accomplish in the past, thanks to artificial intelligence, the tasks are readily done and available within fractions of minutes or even seconds nowadays.  Stepan Talabira is an entrepreneur who has built his success off of website and app development as well as running ads and digital marketing.  In 2017, he founded his own ads agency, Premiumads which has been raking in success ever since.  In conjunction with the operations of his agency and his developments, Talabira looks for opportunities to incorporate artificial intelligence as he sees fit.

When it comes to the world of digital marketing that Talabira has wound himself up in, marketing is the key word.  After all, the whole point of making an advertisement is to market a service or product.  At Premiumads, Talabira’s agency, producing ads with high conversion rates is a must.  After all, his business revolves around core values of being able to take small businesses and upgrade them to the next level.  The way they accomplish this is through the successful ads they run for such clients.  That is precisely where Talabira’s keen interest for artificial intelligence comes into the picture.

Creating noteworthy ads that will convert can be time consuming.  It requires sound marketing strategies and analytical skills and more.  Talabira recognized that and instead of settling for longer time invested, he took it as a challenge upon himself to facilitate the ad campaign production process for his employees.  He configured a program using artificial intelligence that optimizes time and makes processes more automatic instead of manual.  The program not only worked to serve his employees but it ended up being so successful that it was used beyond the walls of his agency as well.  He configured the program in such a way that it was intricate and complex but still simple enough for someone to use even with an average skill set.

After such a successful outcome of incorporating artificial intelligence with ad campaigns and the role it played within and outside of his agency, Talabira decided to keep projects running to build more similar programs.  Programmers at Premiumads are consistently assigned with configuring new artificial intelligence that have advanced analytical capabilities with advertising, marketing, and performance in ad campaigns.  The objective as a whole is to make tasks more efficient and optimized so that more can be done in shorter increments of time but without sacrificing the quality of the tasks.  Talabira’s goal for the future is to keep incorporating artificial intelligence and building new programs with it to keep up with technological progressions in the mainstream.

Talabira’s pursuits with artificial intelligence are not just limited to his operations with his agency, Premiumads.  In fact they trace back all the way to his home life as well.  Most people are familiar with one of Google’s recent technological innovations, “Google Nest”.  However, Talabira had his own “Do-it-yourself” or “DIY” version of Google Nest going on in his household long before its launch to the world.  Through his keen skill in programming and handling microchips, Talabira was able to use artificial intelligence to remotely water the lawn, adjust his house temperature, lighting, and more.  In other words, he used artificial intelligence to give his home the ultimate home-like feel.

Talabira’s utilization of artificial intelligence sheds light on the positives that it offers and has even further potential to offer.  His argument that it does well to save time to be able to take on other tasks is rather valid.  After all, we could all use a bit of extra time on our hands.  To follow Talabira on his journey and to keep up to date with his work at Premiumads, follow his social media handles: Facebook, Linkedin, and his website.


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