How Hailey Brooke McFadden Revolutionized a Male-Dominated Space

According to Thrive Global, women are 11% more digitally inclined than men, yet they occupy less than one-third of the digital marketing industry. In a visibly male-dominated field, Hailey McFadden explains how she was able to make her mark.

Who Is Hailey McFadden?

McFadden is the founder of Power Move Marketing, an innovative digital marketing solution and one-stop shop for small businesses. She launched her brand while receiving her M.S. in Management from Wake Forest University, reaching notable success far before graduating. 

Power Move Marketing offers social media management, email marketing, graphic design, content creation, affiliate marketing, consulting, and more. “Nobody really does the full scope of what we do,” she said. “We can run your entire marketing scheme from the ground up, including creating the content.”

However, McFadden acknowledges the blatant gender disparities within her field. “In some ways, being the only woman in the room can be great because I can bring different perspectives,” she said. “Especially since over 85% of all purchasing decisions are made by women, you need to have a smart woman on your team.” 

McFadden undoubtedly experiences challenges in her position that are unique from her male counterparts. When she got engaged, her male clients assumed she would be planning a wedding and wouldn’t be able to fully provide for their needs. Regardless, the disadvantages of being a female-owned business do not hinder her; after playing D1 volleyball for four years, she is eager to satisfy her competitive edge.

Other Female Entrepreneurs Can Do It Too 

McFadden warns fellow female business owners to be prepared for microaggressions. “People will, at times, underestimate you and hold a magnifying glass up to you based on your gender,” the CEO said. “Don’t get discouraged or let people devalue you because they do not understand the worth of digital marketing.”

In McFadden’s first year, Power Move Marketing is projected to reach $300K in revenue, exceeding her initial expectation of $80k.

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