How Iqbal Singh, Chamandeep Singh and Amritpal Singh Became a Digital Marketing Sensation in their Twenties

Networking on social media is one of the most popular factors that brands are after. Building a huge network and maintaining it is not an easy deal. Today, a lot of brands look for people who can promote their brand on an existing network.

Iqbal Singh, Chamandeep Singh and Amritpal Singh are the perfect illustrations. This is because they fit this role for well-known brands. The three digital marketing sensations started down to the successful digital marketers that they are today.

Coming from India, 30, 21 and 25-year-old Iqbal Singh, Chamandeep Singh and Amritpal Singh have become forces to reckon with. This is because of how they have been able to gather a huge following on digital platforms.

Iqbal Singh is the man who dedicated his whole hard work to build such a huge empire, he was born and brought up in Sangrur, Punjab. Iqbal carries a huge experience of more than 10 years in the digital marketing field or you can say he has now become an inspiration for the young digital marketers and also he’s the one who inspired Chamandeep and Amritpal to join the digital marketing industry.

Iqbal has been working on his skill since his college days. Initially, he only used to work on blogging and web designing but as the days passed he also began to build traffic and viral content over Facebook which led him to great success.

Chamandeep Singh is a talented youngster and among the most influential individuals in the digital marketing sector. He is undoubtedly India’s best digital influencer. He started using more of his skills on digital platforms when he was barely 16 years old. His journey began by experimenting with social platforms to find out what he was really up to. In the journey to find his passion, he has been able to achieve such a height which is not less then a milestone.

Like Chamandeeep Singh, Amritpal Singh and Iqbal has been passionate throughout his career. He chose his passion over everything and that made him a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer. He encountered quite a number of challenges before getting to the top but at no point did he give up.

Amritpal Singh comes from a small village in Haryana called Panniwala. Despite dropping out of college, he chose to follow his passion fully. His consistent hustle has made him a successful Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Viral Content Creator.

He started his career in blogging initially. Nevertheless, his true interest was in social media. With the interest and passion at heart, he has been able to build a vast network and currently owns a large amount of traffic over social media platforms.

Iqbal Singh, Chamandeep Singh and Amritpal Singh were raw diamonds in the mine. This is because of the hard work they have put in to gain the shine they have today. Their journey is inspirational and motivational to young people.

One takeaway is that to become successful, one has to work hard and expand their skills. With resilience and a strategic approach in doing this, they have been able to create a huge fan following. They did away with their traditional professionals to concentrate on digital marketing.

“When I chose to do B. Tech, I was not sure if I’ll be able to do much with my life. At the moment, I wanted to engage with people so that I could have the same profile as influencers’. Chamandeep said this when explaining his journey at the beginning of this venture.

A distinguishing element about them is the habit of keeping up with the latest trends. Knowing what is going on in the digital world has made them maintain a huge clientele. They share the vision of being influencers. In the long run, they believe they will reach the same fan base as celebrities.

In a world where having a digital space and a huge following is the agenda of the day, these youngsters are striving to uplift their businesses. Their unique approaches and communication skills have played a major role in their success.

In addition to having competitive digital marketing skills, Iqbal, Chamandeep, Amritpal have been creating videos. It has been a strategy to increase their fan base. This has been working for them and it is evident in their vast Facebook audience.

“We started small with our business and worked our way up by creating engaging content with our followers. It has taken vigorous effort to promote the services and brands of our clients. We are glad for the great milestones and are working continuously to go further. He further added”.

There is however no specific route to make one increase their digital reach. One has to find their way and research the latest trends. Most importantly, engaging with clients will always bring results. These three have definitely mastered the art!

Digital marketing is an open field with great opportunities. Iqbal, Chamandeep and Amritpal Singh are an example of how determination and passion can lead you to greater heights! Having been acclaimed as digital marketers of all time, we wish them well in their future goals. We celebrate you!!

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